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Fighting back the Reading Slump – One type at a time

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A while back I wrote a post about the different types of Reading Slumps that we, poor little bookworms, are vulnerable to.. (if you want to know more click here) But I can’t leave you guys hanging, without the tools on how to fight them back — That would be like just identifying an ailment and not giving it any treatment, right?? and we all know that Reading Slumps are exactly that to us bookish people — a debilitating ailment that attack us with a vengeance…

But don’t worry, I’m not one to shirk my duty — even if it is a self imposed one — and I’m  here to help as much as I can… giving you tips on how to handle each kind of Reading Slump as painlessly as possible.. so, that you can return to the pleasantness of books as quickly as possible…

Let the treatment begin:

Media Slump


As the name implies this Slump has to do with us being trapped by the binge watching frenzy (Movies, TV Series, You Tube Videos) And in my experience the best course of action while dealing with this particular Slump — Right after cursing Netflix and The Internet because it’s all their fault –It’s to ride it out, I’m sorry to say that there’s no immediate cure, we just have to let the urge to devour every episode of a series flow through our bodies and once it’s done.. we will find ourselves intrigue by that book we left forgotten when the Slump started..

The Genre Slump

This is a bit easier to handle, when we notice ourselves stuck in this Slump it’s time to shake things up a bit and dive into the unknown… And by the unknown I mean,  those books that are out of your Comfort Zone… Spice up your TBR with genres you don’t usually read, this will help with the sameness of themes that it’s often the starting point of this Slump.

The Mind Wandering Slump


This one it’s a little hard but the key to fight back it’s to pick an engaging read.. a book so engrossing — complicated plot, different media style — that it will keep your mind focus on reading and not on any other thing around you..

The Mood Slump


The hardest of them all, if the case it’s a light one then just by simply choosing a favorite book to re-read might help you get out of it.. Getting online and talking about the books you’ve loved, finding new recommendations might clear your mood enough to pick up a book. But if the case it’s severe well, then we just have to wait it out.. as with everything it will eventually pass and we just need to be patient about it and never despair.

The Forced Slump

The way out of this Slump it’s by organisation.. we need to schedule a time to read amidst our busy everyday life.. Even if it is just 30 minutes a day, we have to make the effort to fit them in..

The Total Burnout


Time is the cure in this case, we have to face the fact that we over did it — Yes, I mean that we read too much (cue the gasps) — and now we find ourselves in need of a couple of days without touching a book.. Don’t feel bad about it, in a few days you will feel fully recharged and ready to read again..

These little tips I’m sharing with you guys have all been tried and tested by me, while going through these types of Slump and they have been decently effective. So, I hope that they work for you as well, I’m always striving to be helpful to my fellow Bookworms.. If you have anymore tips on how to fight back the dreaded Reading Slump Let me know all about it in the Comments below…

As Always

Happy Reading




10 thoughts on “Fighting back the Reading Slump – One type at a time

  1. I have also been on several slumps before (most of these!) especially that moody one, but now it’s the forced slump. This is a very helpful post especially when it has been tried and tested by you. Thanks for this Michelle! ^^

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  2. I have experienced most of these slumps and you’re advice is bang on! I totally agree that sometimes the only thing to do is actually leave books for a while because sometimes it can be so tempting to try and read through it and just makes me fall even deeper into the slump and harder to crawl back out! Amazing post! 😊😊

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  3. I’ve never really thought about how there’s different types of slumps before, but you’re totally right! And you give good advice for getting through them here 🙂
    The one I get the most is definitely the mood slump. I’ve had that a bit at the moment, where I just don’t know what I feel like reading, but rereading an old favourite seems like a good solution! 🙂

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  4. I know reading slumps happen. I usually just switch books. I also switch medias as I try audiobooks for a while or even reading aloud, as silly as that sounds. Thanks for sharing all these tips!

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