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Ore Yome, Ore No Yome ni Nare Yo – Manga Review


167574Title: Ore Yome Ore No Yome ni Nare Yo

Authors: Sano, Airi (Story & Art)

Published: Aug 5, 2014 to Mar 15, 2017

Volumes: 10

Chapters: 60

Status: Finished

Genres: Romance, Shoujo, School

The Story

Nakagawa Hinata, an ordinary high-school student, is arranged to marry Joumori Zen, a rich heir. The engagement was arranged by her grandfather. When the time comes to meet her future husband, she finds that he is the complete opposite of how her grandfather described him! Now, what do you think will happen in Hinata’s life?

My Review

rating 3 stars

When I decided to pick up this manga what drew me to it was the Arranged marriage plot with a Younger guy (I’m blaming this on Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii — I love that Anime and I’m thinking on picking up that Manga — but I digress).

This was nothing like Soredemo and I wasn’t really expecting it to be but even though I liked some parts of this story I found it to be a little repetitive.. and I had to push myself through some of the chapters…

ore-yome-ore-no-yome-ni-nare-yo-5685063.jpgI really like Zen (our Male Protagonist) He’s the perfect guy, good looking, rich, smart, but he also has this hilarious pervy side to him that makes up a lot of the humour on this manga. He is also very loyal and we see his character grow throughout the story, we see him mature with the help of his relationship with Hinata and I truly enjoyed that.

Hinata (our Female Protagonist) She is to me the typical Shoujo female lead.. she was a bit too naive at times and it got on my nerves but I did appreciate her loyalty to Zen, once they became a couple.. she was committed to him 100%.

There were a few of the recurring side characters that were just meh!.. They were there just for the sake of the plot and they lacked a bit of development but the one that managed to stand out for me was Arata. I truly like him and his arc of the story.. I wish that he had a bit more.


When it came to plot, well, so much happens on this manga, memory loss, family drama, kidnappings, and of course the usual school shenanigans and silly humour.. there’s a lot going on and that makes it entertaining but the one thing that had me almost putting this down was that; in almost every single arc of the story there’s a love triangle — we just take turns on the new love interest, Zen or Hinata, Hinata or Zen — It got so annoying..

Still, I liked their relationship and how they help each other grow.. their loyalty and support of  each other.. it was endearing to me.. I would say that if you are looking for something to pass the time, and don’t mind quite a few eye rolling moments maybe you could give this a try.

As Always

Happy Reading



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