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Discussion Posts – Spreading the Awesomeness and some Tips on how to write them.

Discussion Posts

We bookish people love to talk about … guess what?? … Aerodynamics obviously… Just kidding, of course that our favorite topics are books and bookish things. However, there’s only so much we can tolerate of seeing our friends (those who aren’t as book inclined as us) get that blank stare once we launch ourselves in our book related rants… Let’s face it we probably lost them when we started talking about why we hate this or that Trope, or why we think that the dual narrative on a book is the greatest thing ever… (I’m talking from personal experience here)


That’s one of the reasons why blogging is such fulfilling experience for a book lover… We can rant to our hearts content and there’s always someone out there that identifies with our opinions, and completely understands the struggles of our bookish life…

Which is probably why one of my favorite type of post to read and write are Bookish Discussions.. they are cathartic in many ways… because we just give free rein to our thoughts and opinions on every bookish topic we can think of, no matter how “out there” it might be — I’ve been known to write some weird ones — Let me just give you a hint as how I go about writing my own discussion posts..


  • I never go without my journal, because I never know when inspiration will strike — and what I mean by inspiration is mostly just a sentence, a thought, sometimes even a word that will spark a particular topic. For instance when I was doing my Halloween posts I started playing around with the idea of what it would be like if Supernatural Couples were real.. How this came to be just with the line “blood loss anemia” (it’s really weird right?)
  • I love writing funny, quirky, and hopefully entertaining posts – the kind that will make someone laugh a little.. so I pay extra attention to my own weird and quirky reading habits because that’s how we all relate to each other bookish people…
  • Finally, this is going to sound a little weird after giving you tips to do a discussion post but don’t think about it too much — I mean don’t stress yourself out — just sit and let the tipping flow.. by the time it’s over you will be amazed with the result — or you can just easily delete the whole thing and start again.. See?? No stress..

Hope that these few tips manage to help you take the plunge and write your very own discussion post — Maybe one about how not to give tips?? LOL — Now I want to share with you guys some of my recent favorite Discussion posts from fellow book bloggers. This is a great way to give back some love to the community and to give those bloggers a virtual pat on the back and showcase their awesome work…


This were my top 5 Discussion Posts from April, go check out their blogs because these are certainly not the only cool topics you will find.. they all have amazing content to share..

Sarah talks about how disappointing books endings can be, and she even mention the worst types of endings in her opinion… I do share some of them with her.

This was an interesting question especially for someone like me who adores fairytale retellings and she has such a funny way to letting us know how much she wants from her fairytales in books..

Bridie came up with such an interesting discussion because recently it is easy to feel as if you are going head to head against other book bloggers and, even other readers over how much we read, the books we “have to” read and review…. It can feel as too much of a competition..

Ellyn goes in depth about why she needs to stop stressing about her stats and to be honest I think we all should do the same…

Tips and How to are a personal favorite of mine .. it’s great when someone hands you about advice on a topic you are interested in and if it come on how to save a little money with my book purchasing I’m there..

What type of post do you enjoy reading/writing about?? Let me know all about it in the comments…

As Always

Happy Reading



16 thoughts on “Discussion Posts – Spreading the Awesomeness and some Tips on how to write them.

  1. Great post! Nobody in my real life wants to hear about books. Discussion posts are my favorite to read and write because some people get really creative with them. I’ve been book blogging for almost 5 years, so coming up with new topics is getting challenging.

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    1. Books?? Weren’t we talking about aerodynamics?? LOL… I know the feeling, which is why I’m sticking more and more to my bookish virtual friends… you all know what I’m talking about when I go into my rants…


  2. Thank you so much for shouting out my post!
    I totally feel you on taking a journal around with you, and even if I don’t have a notebook with me I will write my ideas down in my phone!

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  3. Pretty much all my ideas for discussion posts come when I am not blogging or thinking about blogging. That’s another good reason to take a break and not feel competitive about having to blog or read in competition. Having other interests will ultimately make your writing more interesting!

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  4. In the beginning, I really never was such a fan of discussion posts. Something about large paragraphs and lost posts had me lost. However, I absolutely love reading discussion posts now. They are always so creative, and as you said in point two, they are usually funny and entertaining and I not only love reading but also writing that in as well. I have to admit – I loved reading this discussion post about discussion posts. But thank you so much for including my post in this!! I so appreciate it. 😉 Wonderful post as always! 🙂

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  5. haha you are tight that’s what I get from my friends! Blank stares! Couldn’t agree ore about how fulfilling book blogging is because we get to be the bookworms we are 🙂 They are indeed cathartic! Great tips! Thank you for sharing them and for sharing and those posts! Now off to check them out!

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  6. Hello! I totally missed that this happened because WordPress gets so confusing and I don’t understand the notifications! Thank you so much for your support and I’m glad you enjoyed my post ❤️😊

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