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Aoba-Kun Ni Kikitai Koto (Aoba-Kun’s Confessions) – Manga Review

35155125Title: Aoba-Kun Ni Kikitai Koto (Aoba-Kun’s Confessions)
Authors: Tooyama, Ema (Story & Art)
Volumes: 6 so far
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Romance, Shoujo
The Story
Mayo is a high school loner who has issues with communication. She starts a peculiar job at a “Listening House,” where she silently listens to people’s problems. But her first client is Aoba-kun, the star of the basketball team who is seemingly perfect! Could Aoba-kun and his complicated situation be too much for Mayo to handle?! So begins the secret relationship between the girl who lacks communication skills and the guy who seems to have it all.
My Review
Sometimes I get a bit hesitant about rating mangas that are still ongoing because, what if I don’t like the next story arc they come up with? But then I think that’s okay I’ll just rated until the last part that I read and if what I read next sucks then I’ll let you know…
887bc01754fa6d0a29e8c369c5beb62eThat’s what happen to me with this one, it’s still an ongoing Manga and it doesn’t have that many Volumes compared to others I’ve read… But it’s been good so far, It’s actually such a sweet and slow burning romance… not particularly original in its development and it does have the usual Shoujo Manga Tropes — Love Triangles, misunderstandings, unrequited love — But what brought it to my attention in the first place was the whole concept of a Listening House for people’s problem ( I though, what a great idea.. you go there get whatever is troubling you off your chest without the fear of being judged.. just a sympathetic ear)
I started to read it just because of that but I stayed because the characters are adorable, I can’t really explain because they are not off the charts remarkable or anything but they win you over nonetheless. Mayo is so sweet and shy, and to her grow bit by bit to a more confident girl is great. Aoba is a little bit more complicated and you can’t help but want to help him get through what’s holding him back just like Mayo wants to do.
If you are looking for a simple, light and just plain sweet romance between a shy girl and her “unreachable” Basketball Star check this Manga out.. I’m sure you won’t regret it and will finish with a smile on your face most of the time..
As Always
Happy Reading


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