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The Renegades Series By Rebecca Yarros – Series Review


The Renegades Series By Rebecca Yarros

New adult Sports Romance

  • Wilder
  • Nova
  • Rebel

My Review

When I pick up a New adult or an Adult Romance book I pretty much know what I’m getting, guy meets girl, they fall in love, shit happens, and then happily ever after… very straight forward and at times forgettable (a lot of them tend to blend into each other ) But there are those that have that spark that sucks you in… and these series certainly  has that..

  • Wilder


28672986.jpgThis is an extreme sports romance which is one of my favorite kinds (right along Hockey romances…) and when I say that it’s a extreme sports romance I mean it.. It has so many stunts set up just like it should… It’s not just somebody telling you what this guy does for a living and you hardly getting to see it.. No Sir, you are there with them.. Waterboarding, Paragliding… it’s a thrilling set up to a kind of forbidden romance between a Student and his Tutor.

The Romance itself was adorable, seeing them fight their attraction to each other… how said attractions starts to gradually become more… It was what I look for in a romance book. The friendship, I loved, how they help and encourage each other to overcome their problems, how they are more of a family than their actual family.. this is something that I enjoy reading about…

Even the angst was exactly the right amount.. not too much that you will get overwhelmed and not too little to bore you. If you enjoy sport romances like I do.. Give this a try.. It’s an exhilarating ride.

  • Nova


NovaTheRenegades_500-1.jpgWe continue this companion series with another member of the renegades crew.. and even thought I love Nova’s Character in Wilder.. his actual book wasn’t as great for me.. it still has all those things that I loved from the first book (the stunts — Oh my freaking God the stunts in these books are AMAZING, and the settings … I want to visit every place, the flow of the romance.. a second chance romance type of relationship, and the Renegade crew — they are awesome, their interactions and how much they care for each other) but I think that what spoiled it a bit for me was Rachel — her character was too hard to swallow for me at times — I understood why she was doing what she was doing but it annoyed the hell out of me.

  • Rebel


34032529.jpgThis was the final Book in the series, which made me a little sad because I was hoping for a book for Nick (You’ll understand when you read these books — he deserves his own story) This one brought back all the feels I had on book one with its forbidden student teacher love affair — as well as the same amazing extreme sports background that the others had… but it also kicks it up a notch with the inner struggle of trying to find yourself after tragedy strikes and how much will you be willing to sacrifice for the sake of those you love..

I’m a believer in experiencing books as blindly as possible with only a slight hint of what they are about so, I’m sorry if some of you guys think that these reviews are a little vague but I do hope that at the very least you do get the feeling that these three books are worth reading if you enjoy a good romance..

“The hardest battles – the most meaningful ones – they’re fought against ourselves. Against our own fears, our own weaknesses, our own shattered expectations of what we thought this life would be.”

Have you read them yet?? Let me know what you think in the comments below??

As Always

Happy Reading





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