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Moody May 2018 Wrap Up – and some blogging love..

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This past May (which I can believe it’s over and we are in the middle of the year already –  What the heck??) I decided to participate in Kathy’s @Books and Munches Moody May Challenge . . (after reading this go visit her blog she has awesome content, challenges and food).. The gist of the challenge was to go the whole month without any sort of TBR… nothing, zilch, nada… It should have been pretty easy right? just going along with whatever strikes your fancy.. well let me tell you it wasn’t…


I never thought how much I depend on my TBR — and I call myself a Moody reader?? — the truth is that I’m a list junkie and going without even a partial list of what I might want to read was a nightmare… But I pull through and managed to read a total of 14 Books (Not bad for the craziness that my schedule without schedule was)

Let’s break down the list:

Books I added to my A to Z Reading Challenge:

Sadly this month I only managed to cross out 2 letters but it’s fine because I was so well before and I’m only 6 letters away from finishing this challenge… Yaayyy!!..If you are interested in checking out or joining this challenge just go here . .. there’s still time to catch up..

NovaTheRenegades_500-1 35155125

  • N – Nova – Rebecca Yarros – 3 Stars – I read the whole Renegade series this month (actually finished the 2 books I was missing) and it was a really entertaining Extreme Sport romance.. click here to find out more of my thoughts about it.
  • A – Aoba Kun’s Confession – Manga – 3.5 Stars – I really liked this manga and I can’t wait for the next Volume… I need to know what happens now after that ending… Here is my review of what I read so far

The whole Moody Mess

These are the books that I randomly read this month:

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  • Rebel by Rebecca Yarros – 3.5 Stars – Like I mentioned above this was the last book in the Renegades series and it’s even better than Nova… lots of extreme sports action, great set of characters and steamy romance…
  • Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young – 3 Stars – The hype ruined this book for me, It’s not bad.. not at all but it wasn’t at all what I was lead to believe which hurt my overall enjoyment of the book.. if you are curious about my thoughts go here.
  • Pestilence by Laura Thalassa – 3.5 Stars – This was a surprise for me.. I didn’t think it would be as good as it was, I was just looking for a mindless paranormal read and this one left me with some food for thought.. not a mindless read at all but still very entertaining.. want more go here.
  • A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas – 3 Stars – Was there any doubt that I would be picking up this book ASAP?? And it was Okay, I have seen how much people are actually hating the book but I think that the problem is that we just wanted another big book in this world and this is just something to appease the fans.. a kind of a treat before the big meal sort of thing..anyway it was still fun seeing the inner circle together again.

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  • Blood Type by K. A. Linde – 2 Stars – I was apparently in a paranormal / New adult read kind of mood this past month but this book was awful.. It had an interesting concept but that was it.. I hated the main character, and the Hero was just so MEH!! I almost DNF it a few times I truly don’t know how I managed to finish it.
  • Ink by Elizabeth Hunter – 3.5 Stars – I love this book, the story, the small town feel, the characters, all of it.. it was such a sweet romance about a Bookshop owner and a tattoo artist.. however the ending was a little dragged out and the rhythm just slowed a bit hence the 3.5 stars.
  • Rising by Jessica Ruben – 3.5 Stars – This book wasn’t what I was expecting at all.. and it managed to capture my interest and had me invested in the main characters’ life and now I need to get to the sequel ASAP — thank God it’s coming out in June.
  • Bad Intentions by Charleigh Rose – 3 Stars – It was ok, but not very memorable.. it doesn’t stand out for me.

51-MSQEPW7L Ou-sama_ni_Sasagu_Kusuriyubi_cover_03 35108650 38900165

  • The Tomboy and The Rebel by Lee Ann Shane – 3 Stars – this was one dark YA book… it has very interesting topics like struggling with your self image, absent parents, divorce… but in the end it was too much for me… everyone was dealing with so many heavy issues and they don’t get really resolved.. plus there was some stalkerish romance thing that rub me the wrong way..
  • Ou-Sama Ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi – Manga – 4 Stars – I loved this manga (even the whole Soap Opera kind of feel that it has) It was so funny and sweet how the relationship between the main characters develops — it’s an arranged marriage trope but it’s hilarious and it is completed so that’s great.
  • Bad For You by J. Daniels – 4 Stars – this has been my favorite book on this series so far.. I loved Shay’s character she’s so feisty and full of life… and the way she pushes Stitch to realise his value it’s amazing — we all should have someone like that in our corner sometime.
  • Roman by Heidi Mclauglin – DNF at 60% – I’m counting this because i was past the halfway mark when I just couldn’t deal with it any more… I have nothing good to say about this book so, let’s just move on and forget about it….

If I had to do an average rating on this reading month I would say it was a 3 star.. I read some entertaining books, some awful ones and some really good Manga (to me at least) So it was Okay even without my TBR list..


I also wanted to share with you guys some interesting posts I came across in May because we don’t only read books — Let’s spread some love to this awesome fellow bloggers shall we??

Trope Warnings: A pitch with Pros and Cons – Anatomy Of a Book Thieft

She makes a shout out to the powers that be about how useful it can be to have Trope warnings in our books.. and the downside as well.. I think it’s an interesting idea but to be honest I think I would be stuck reading the same thing all the time with this system…

How did you get into Reading – Bookidote

Lashaan makes quite a reflection about those things that might have drove us to become the bookworms that we are now..

Your To read list: Are you a Pantser or a Planner – Elissa Reads

I love reading about how other people chose what to read next or how to tackle their TBRs since mine is completely out of control I always hope to find new ideas to implement myself…

Triggers – Do you Need Them? Can They Spoil a Book? – Books and Munches

Kathy raises an interesting question here about how triggers on our books may affect our reading experience.

That’s it for this Moody May Wrap up, hope you guys had an amazing reading month and otherwise as well… Let me know your thoughts about the books or posts I shared here I want to know if you love them or hate them.. let’s discuss all about it in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading





12 thoughts on “Moody May 2018 Wrap Up – and some blogging love..

  1. I do like to have at least ONE book queued up for the next month so that I’m sure I’ll have it done. The idea of a completely moody month sounds phenomenal when you haven’t tried it out in ages hahah Thank you for the shoutout to my post though! Truly appreciate it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You did gooood! I honestly thought I wouldn’t have any problems mood-reading either but I sometimes found myself starting to check my ARC-list to see what I “should be reading next”. I even slapped myself once because I was NOT allowed to do that, hahaha.

    I love how you describe ACOFAS as “a kind of a treat before the big meal sort of thing” because it’s sooo true. I’m happy I went into it not expecting a lot so I really liked it; I did expect it to have a BIT more action though.

    Hopefully next month will be a better month for your ratings! 🙂

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