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The Terrifying choice of Unhauling Books – And Why it’s not so bad

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If you are a Book collector — the polite way of saying Book Hoarder — like myself, then you understand why I’m saying that even the mere thought of Unhauling Books is so very frightening. But it comes a time when the choice needs to be made, otherwise, If we leave things like that our houses will start to look like this…


Unless we start making our own furniture out of books — which might not be such a bad that I think about it … Nah! I’m too lazy for all that work.. Anyway..even if your books aren’t all physical books and you can escape the mess shown above.. you are still facing the data/storage issue — sorry if I’m not techy savvy but the gist of it we are running out of room in our reading devices…. For Real, it is actually happening to me, hence the reason behind this discussion to convince myself…clears throat.. you, that Unhauling is a good thing..

bccb1-booksfallingonhead (1)

When faced with this situation there’s nothing else we can do but dive in and be honest with ourselves about which books are really worthy of the space they are taking in our home or devices… And I know that the taking down our bookshelves, or scrolling around in our Kindle/Tablet/Phone is pretty daunting because we can easily spend hours, and hours on that… but even if it’s painful and tiring in the end we’ll feel better.Just think of the benefits:

  • We may be amazed to find out that our desk/night table wasn’t the type of wood, or color  we though it was.. after all when was the last time we  saw what the surface looked like after being buried under so many books, right?
  • And who would have thought that our actual room was so spacious and what can we do now with all that space??   — drum roll — easy, fill it with New Books.. was there any doubt about that??

Still unsure with the idea?? Don’t worry there’s more..

  • Just think about how good it’s going to feel gifting those books that you truly don’t care about — You Know We All Have them — to someone who will love them.


  • Maybe even choose to make a little money out of them with a second hand selling — which means more extra money for… you guessed it New Books.. or what ever — So, you see, even if it’s a lot of work it will be worth it…

We just need to be a little honest with ourselves and the reasons why some books are worth keeping or not… I can tell you that I have so many books from years ago that are sitting in boxes (I don’t have room on my shelves) that are unread and I don’t care to read them anymore if I’m being honest. And don’t even get me started on what’s on my tablet… there are so many that I don’t even remember buying… It’s like what was I thinking when I got this??

So, take the plunge with me — I’m doing my first Unhaul ever.. soon.. — and let’s enjoy the benefits it will bring because it’s not really that scary after all…

Do you Unhaul Books Often?? What do you do with the books, donate, sell, gift them to friends?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading




5 thoughts on “The Terrifying choice of Unhauling Books – And Why it’s not so bad

  1. Great post! I unhaul books constantly. I get rid of the majority of the books I read. If I didn’t, my house would look like the one in the photo. Also, I’m broke, so I get most of my books through trades at the used bookstore. If I get rid of books, I can get new books.

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