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Tropish Recommendations Books, Mangas and a little more – Arranged Marriage

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This month’s trope has to do with Arranged Marriages.. Whether it is by contract because of money, power, immigration issues, political scheming, or whatever benefits you can think of, and its consequences.. which more often than not in the type of books I read ends up with the couple falling for each other, or in some cases either the intended bride or groom running the heck away from the marriage..and the chaos it ensues.. What I find appealing when reading this type of stories is the slow growth in the relationship, we usually get to appreciate the different stages the couple go through and it’s great to live it with them..

I’m blaming this recommendation post, solely on the KDrama Mary Stayed Out All Night (which I’m loving by the way) and on the book I’m currently re-reading Radiance by Grace Draven...  I’m hooked on this theme apparently and why not take advantage of that and share this tropish love…

I’m expanding my recommendations and adding not only books and manga but also TV Shows, Anime, KDramas, Movies… If the trope fits and it’s a favorite of mine I’ll share it with you… Let’s get to it…


The list is a little longer than usual and it features a lot of Fantasy and some Contemporary Romance, I know that this particular trope has a lot of ground on Historical Romance but i wanted to do a separate post for those.. so be warned that there would be none historical romances here for now..

  • Radiance – Grace Draven


This is the book that started it all, It’s your typical politically arranged marriage but it is such a great story, a slow burn romance between very different people that grow to respect, cherish and eventually love one another dispite their differences.. I Love this book and I will always recommended.

  • Warprize – Elizabeth Vaugahn


This is a marriage for the sake of the people type of story, along with an amazing love story, (another slow burned romance) but also filled with political intrigue and epic adventures..

  • The Bird and the Sword – Amy Harmon


This is a really sweet book with a historical and magical feel to it… much as the other books I’ve mentioned we have two very different people who learn to understand and eventually love each other… Plus the amazing writing style of Amy Harmon in full swing.. What’s not to love??

  • Stolen Songbird – Danielle Jensen


This one combines two tropes that appeal to me.. hate to love and arranged marriage.. one works quite well with the other.. and this is one great example of that.. We have great characters and a very decent plotline even if it might predictable at times it’s still a very enjoyable read.

  • Roomies – Christina Lauren


Marriage for immigration purposes.. I thoroughly enjoyed the humour within this books, I know that the actual plot is very simplistic but if you’re looking for a book to get your mind off whatever it is happening in your life and you just need pure fun..this is it.

  • The Wall of Winnipeg and Me – Mariana Zapata


Another Immigration marriage type book by the Queen of the slow burn romances… This book can’t be described, it has to be experienced that is the best recommendation I can give you guys… Everything about it is amazing, the characters, the banter, the romance…absolutely amazing.

  • Bound By Honor – Cora Reilly


If you are looking for some darkness and a lot of angst.. look no further.. We have a Mafia arranged marriage… but be warned that this isn’t the type of book for everyone.. it has very sensitive topics and the story line might be hard to deal with..


There’s a lot of manga and anime out there with this premise.. since it’s an still practice custom in most of these countries (Japan, China) and I have read and watch quite a few of them.. but the ones that have stuck with me because of their humour, or because they managed to pair adventure and fantasy with the struggles of marriage life are:

  • Happy Mari


How this relationship develops and how much it made me laugh while reading was what won me over.

  • Twin Star Exorcists


I love these two kids, and how they grow together to fight against whatever comes against them while dealing with what it means to be a “married” Couple.. it’s hilarious.

  • Dawn of the Arcana


Fantasy at it’s best.. Great storyline, Adventure, political scheme, romance,characters and such a sweet and sad ending…



Apparently this is my new thing… It’s been a while since I’ve watched Korean Dramas but thanks to the recommendations of some of you guys I decided to binge watch my way through some.. that’s where I found Mary Stayed Out All Night or Marry Me Mary... This is such a light fluffy and funny story that involves music, and arranged marriage to runaway from, adorable characters… and a OST that I can’t get out of my head..I know it’s actually a little old since it came out on 2010 I think but if you haven’t seen it go and give it a try..

TV Shows

Finally to wrap this long list of recommendations My two favorite show that involved arranged marriages… along with so many other components that made them impossible not to watch…

outlander  download (1)

  • OutlanderThe greastest arranged marriage ever.. am I Right??
  • Game of Thrones – My saddest and favorite couple ever — Even if it was on the first season.. Khal Drogo and Danearys.. aren’t they great for this trope??

This has been my list for now since it’s always growing like most of them (there’s always some other book/manga/movie/series to be discovered and gushed about).. Hopefully you’ll find here something to add to your TBR or to just lay back and watch..

What are your favorite arranged marriage stories?? Let me know in the comments below I’m always looking for new things to check out…

As Always

Happy Reading


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