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The Ribbon Duet By Pepper Winters – Series Review

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The Ribbon Duet By Pepper Winters

New Adult Dark Contemporary

  • The Boy And His Ribbon
  • The Girl and her Ren

My Review


39702796I’m not going to split this review like I usually do because these two books are a whole.. You shouldn’t read read one without the other.. that’s my first warning right there.. and let me tell you guys that this review will filled with them…

This isn’t a read for everyone, just to let you know right out of the bat… it deals with a kind of forbidden relationship that might rub a lot of you wrong… but if you are like me and don’t shy away from these hard, and twisted topics you are in for a ride that it’s going to rip out your heart, stomp on it and put it back together all at the same time…

“I’m a living proof that a heart can be broken a thousand times and still function, still keep you alive— desperately hoping that it won’t happen again, all the while knowing it will.”

You’re going to be cursing, crying your eyes out, and laughing through your tears while reading these books… (another warning here you might not want to read them where people can see you or the might think you have lost your mind — these books will do that to you)

I don’t want to go into much detail about the story because it’s something that has to be511tt186XCL._SY346_ lived through and thanks to the Pepper Winter’s amazing writing style that’s exactly what we do once we start these books… It’s a character driven story and we are going along with them through all their hardships, while they are growing up, while they are surviving, while they are dealing with their complicated relationship in all its different stages… whether it is the parental/siblings stage.. right to the couple stage…  I found it disturbing but at the same time I couldn’t not want for them to be together… Their relationship will certainly put you through the ringer and it all feels so real and believable… I even overlook those pesky minor details as to how was it possible for a child (a baby) to survive under some of the conditions they went through… or how can you achieve so much without any kind of ID… Those were just minor glitches…

However, as much as I enjoyed these Mind screwing books, I found the last bit of them (if you’ve read them you’ll know what I mean… sorry if you haven’t just go read them and then we’ll talk) a little too much heartache, I might be talking from that happily ever after craving that resides within my heart.. It was maybe a little too real for me… because I know that these things do happen and they happen just like that when you think you have good and suddenly Whamm!! tragedy strikes… If not for that it would have been perfect for me… And I’m fully aware that this is not at all a problem with the book it’s just my need for a little light at the end of every dark tunnel.

I sincerely hope that this review makes sense and strikes up your curiosity towards these books because they are well worth it…

As Always

Happy Reading



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