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The Ultimate Book Tag

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This is the type of tag that I enjoy doing (even if I’m not asked to do it) because they let you get to know better the tastes and opinions of the one answering the questions… it’s so much entertaining that just sharing mostly the same books everytime — which happens a lot with other tags — So, when I saw this @The Bibliophile Empress Blog (Go check it out and say hi ) I said this is my new tag for Monday… which is my unofficial Tag day… Hope you guys like it and let’s get started..


  • Do You Get Sick While Reading In The Car?

To be Honest I don’t like to read in the car (which I don’t have), or in any sort of public transportation… I don’t have that habit… I used to do it when I was in high school but then just stopped… It’s not that I get sick or anything it’s just personal preference…

  • Which Author’s Writing Style Is Completely Unique To You And Why?

I have many favorite writers but not one that I can say that has a “Truly Unique” style… I just love their books because they suddenly click with me… It’s easy to fall into their stories and characters… When that happens I’ll be sure to keep on reading their work..

  • Harry Potter or Twilight? Give 3 Reasons Why.


  1. I’ve never read Harry Potter and don’t feel inclined to do it now (Please don’t Kill me)
  2. I have a fascination with Vampires (and even if this are a little ridiculous — let’s face it …they sparkle… it doesn’t get any more ridiculous than that.. they are Vampires)
  3. Can’t think of a third reason … Sorry..
  • Do You Carry A Book Bag? If So, What’s In It (Besides Books)?


My Purse is always huge (Not quite a book bag but it can easily fit one or two there) as for the other things that I carry there… My Wallet, Keys, Money, Some Gum or Candy, Lipstick, A Pen, My Journal and that’s it…

  • Do You Smell Your Books?


I used to buy books from a used bookstore (that it’s now closed, sadly) and I love the smell of old books.. even when it tends to give me a little allergy… Weird…

  • Books With or Without Illustrations?

Either works for me… I love books that have some illustrations in them of the characters, or the worlds.. I often look for fan art from my favorite books because I enjoy the visual image of it.. But it doesn’t matter if there isn’t any…

  • What Book Did You Love While Reading, But Discovered Later It Wasn’t Quality Writing?

I have a few that are not that great in the writing department but the ideas, or the characters were so good that I overlook it… It truly has to be a terrible, terrible book for me to complain…

  • Do You Have Any Funny Stories Involving Books From Your Childhood?

I remember loving creepy fairytales when I was a kid… I loved to be scared and then I had to jump into my Mom’s bed because I couldn’t sleep by myself…

  • What Is The Thinnest Book On Your Shelf?

Most of the books I own are E-books so I seriously have no idea which is the thinnest… as for the few physical books I have … maybe my copy of The Little Prince..

  • What Is the Thickest Book On Your Shelf?

My English Dictionary… from when I was in College… the thing is huge.

  • Do You Write As Well As Read? Do You See Yourself Being An Author In the Future?


I used to write short stories but I have never had the inclination to become an author… I don’t think I have the commitment or the passion for it… I just love to read…

  • When Did You Get Into Reading?

Since I can remember… or since I learned how to read…

  • What Is Your Favorite Classic Book?

The Little Prince.

  • What Was Your Best Subject In School?

English. I did even better in it than in my native language .. Spanish..

  • If You Were Given A Book As A Present That You Read Before And Hated, What Would You Do?

Accept it gratefully.. the thought is what counts… Later I might donate it or something like that.

  • What Is A Lesser Known Series That You Know Of That Is Similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?

I think that now days everything resembles a little of other thing so, I can’t think of one series in particular … and the ones that come to mind are quite popular already.

  • What Is A Bad Habit You Always Do (Besides Rambling) While Filming?

I don’t film.

  • What Is Your Favorite Word?

Fortitude.. It’s not a pretty word but without it we wouldn’t have the strength to face our daily challenges..

  • Are You A Nerd, Dork, or Dweeb?

Probably a Nerd??

  • Vampires or Fairies? Why?

You got me with this one… Can I say both?? I can’t pick just one.. they are my favorite supernatural beings… I love the lore that surrounds the Fae their play with words and mind tricks.. and as for Vampires the whole idea of living forever without changing and all it entails intrigues me.

  • Shapeshifters or Angels? Why?

Shapeshifters… it’s fascinating the mixture of animal traits with human characteristics..

  • Spirits or Werewolves? Why?

Spirits, I’ve always loved ghost stories and the whole idea of life after dead… I want to believe even if it might not be real..

  • Zombies or Vampires? Why?

Vampire.. again.. because they are my thing…

  • Love Triangles or Forbidden Love?

Forbidden love… I hate love triangles because they are hardly ever done right… as for the forbidden love… it has all that intensity and angst… nothing bad about it…

  • Full on Romance Books Or Action-Packed With A Few Love Scenes?

Either works for me… I’m a Romance Book lover but if the story is good I can easily read something that has little to none romance in it…

Hope you guys enjoyed this tag and feel free to grab it and answer for yourselves… 

As Always

Happy Reading



4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Book Tag

  1. You should read the Harry Potter series. Before I was not really interested and this year I read it and now it’s the only thing I think about. At least give the first book a try. BTW I really liked this tag 💓

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