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Tropish Recommendations – Royalty

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Hey everyone I’m back with my tropish recommendations post… and this time I’m tackling the Royalty trope… You know what I mean Kings, Queens, Princes and princesses, even high lords (Guess who I’m talking about here) and all the shennanigans that their positions in court bring about… the goodness of the forbidden romance between a commoner and a king, the trappings of their station with all the heart wrenching angst that comes with it, the fighting to be the best ruler to their people that they can be and quite often the literal fight to win the throne… all of that good stuff we book (TV, Movie, Manga…) lovers want to see..

I’m going to try to keep the list as varied as possible with some fantasy, contemporary, paranormal… a little bit of everything with the books, series, movies, that I’ve loved and I hope you do too.. Let’s get on it..


  • A Court of Thorns and Roses Series By Sara J. Maas


Was there any doubt that these books would be here?? I did mention High Lords didn’t I?? I know that they aren’t exactly kings or queen but they are royalty in their own right and this series has all the things I adore in fantasy.. great characters, a good story, Elemental magic, Action and Adventure… and Rhysand… Do I need to say more??

  • To Kill a Kingdom By Alexandra Christo


This was my first 5 start read of this year… I love the concept of these Little mermaid retelling, and I know that it has its flaws but even with them it manage to capture my attention and left me wanting more… I truly hope the author continues with this world.

  • The Royally Series by Emma Chase

Royally Series by Emma Chase - Collage

If you want some royalty sexy time with a little angst to the side these are the books for you… My personal favorite was the second one… who can resist the story of the playboy prince that needs to be king without wanting the responsibility??

  • Dark Lover By J. R. Ward


The Black Dagger Brotherhood first book and the King’s story (at least part of it since they continue to be a part of the stories through the whole series and he has another book called King — Which I haven’t read yet) He is the King of vampires.. and this series has everything you could want… the world is so complex and the stories intertwined so well… you will be hooked.

  • The Golden Dynasty By Kristen Ashley


This is a very primitive ruler and I know that it might be hard to get on board of this story for some people because of the abuse in the beginning of it (don’t want to spoil anything but I’m just warning you) but once you get pass that point the growth of the characters and their relationship, how they managed to understand each other in spite of their language barriers … I love this book…

TV Series and K- Dramas

No, I’m not going to recommend the most obvious choice which would be Game of Thrones… I’m going with something different this time but if you do want some epic adventure and still haven’t seen it maybe go check it out…

  • The Tudors


I Know it is and old one but this show was so good.. I’m a huge fan of historical fiction TV Shows and this one was perfect.. how the story line was told, the characters (Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Henry Tudor was awesome) The setting, the costumes.. everything was so amazingly well done… and I love the Rock Star vibe that they gave tho the king…

  • The White Queen and The White Princess


Like I mentioned before I’m a sucker for historical fiction and these two intertwined stories had me hooked from the first episode… plus great strong female characters.. totally worth watching ..

  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Hearts Ryeo

scarlet heart ryeo

I’m hooked on K- Dramas lately and this one is a little to blame, this is a time travel, sort of reverse harem story that will tear your heart out, stomp on it and still make you feel glad that you watched it… It’s heart breaking, and sweet and aesthetically beautiful… Don’t miss it.

  • Goong (Princess Hours)


Another K-drama I watched recently .. and it is an oldie it came out on 2006 I think.. It is a fantasy story of what it would be like if they was still royalty ruling Korea, and then we insert the new princess which is a commoner.. chaos ensues.. it is a funny and sweet story..

Manga and Anime

  • Akagami No Shirayuki Hime (Snow White with The Red Hair)

The Manga which is ongoing and the Anime that has 2 seasons are great for this recommendations post… the story has action, romance, hilarious scenes.. perfect for taking your mind of your everyday problems and simply have fun..

  • Ookami-heika No Hanayome


This Manga has such a deep story .. it will surprise you because you don’t see it at the beginning .. but when you do immerse yourself in it you begin to notice how it is much more than the usual gimmicks and manga tropes.

  • Reinmei To Arcana


If you are looking for a fantasy with lots of adventure, great characters, relationships growth, and even some heart break, look no further this Manga is for you..

Hope you guys like my Royalty Recommendations.. I do have many more but the list would have been too long .. let me know if you would like more about this particular trope in the comments below and which are your favorite Royalty stories??

As Always

Happy Reading






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  1. Snow white with the red hair is super adorable. Children of blood and bone is one of the hyped new books and it has royalty, you should check it out!

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