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Mini Reviews – B.B. Reid, Amo Jones and Samantha Young

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Yess!! The reviews are back (Kind of)… I know it may seem a little weird to be celebrating book reviews… (It’s no secret that they are not the most popular posts around on any platform) but I was in the middle of the longest and freakiest reading/reviewing slump these past couple of months and I miss them… I couldn’t rant or gush about what I had read because I wasn’t reading… but the worst seems to be over and I’m slowly getting back to my normal reading self…

I don’t want to burden my tentative slump free reading time with long reviews but I want to share what I have been reading and my thoughts (good, bad or just plain Meh) about them… So, let’s get to the mini  slump free reviews….

The Peer and the Puppet – B.B. Reid – 3 Stars


40919214I’m a sucker for hate to love romances… that’s a given and of course this one was going to catch my eye… However as it tends to happen with some of B.B. Reid’s books and me I was entertained but not blown away. I know she writes twisted dark romances and I don’t mind that and I know what to expect so that’s fine…. When it came to this book every aspect of the story checks out in the surface, there’s a little can’t stand you but I want you kind of chemistry… some angst… and yet it lacked development.. I needed more backstory, more depth to the characters, and I needed to see them grow more beyond “Ok, Now I do Want you” and I was a little ticked off by some of their behaviour.. it was too childish… There was a side story that had me intrigued and I actually want more from those characters… but overall it was just an Okay read.

Flip Trick – Amo Jones – 2 Stars


38475078This book… OMG this book was just too much… and I do mean TOO FREAKING MUCH!! This is the popular trope of I hooked up with a guy and then wham! he’s my stepbrother… and that’s fine, I hadn’t read one of those in a while but once I got into this one I was eye rolling my eyes so badly that it seemed like I was having a seizure… Everything in this book is over the top… the romance, the angst, I’m from Venezuela guys and we are famous (or used to be) for our Telenovelas (soap operas of a sort) and in them there was always the storyline of the girl who got pregnant and then gets sent to prison and loses everything… do you catch my over the top drift?? This book was just like that… It has a nice cover though…

As Dust Dances – Samantha Young – 3.75 Stars


41U3C6Pjc0L._SY346_Samantha Young is one of my Favorite authors… I enjoy her writing style and the little sad, little light stories she tells… This one totally won me over with one things.. the healing power of Music.. we go on an internal journey with our main character and even if you don’t quite agree with some of her decisions or maybe think that she could have done something different.. you relate to her and to what she’s experiencing… As for the romance is a mix of hate to love and slow burn… and ultimately so freaking sweet and uplifting… I truly enjoyed this book, I didn’t give it a higher rating because I kind of saw the ending coming and I wanted a little more closure in some things… but it was a good read…

Have you guys read any of these books?? Let me know your thoughts about them in the comments below I love a good bookish discussion…

As Always

Happy Reading



5 thoughts on “Mini Reviews – B.B. Reid, Amo Jones and Samantha Young

  1. I love book reviews, they always give me new books to add to my TBR. Which isn’t always a good thing. Seriously, before getting into the book community I just read random books from the library, but now I need to read everything that anyone’s ever blogged about 😂. On that note, As Dust Dances was just added to my check this out list.

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