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August 2018 Wrap Up – The Slump is Over

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I’m back into reading again — I have the time (more or less) and the inclination… I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders… When I’m going through a slump I always feel like something is missing (I’m so use to reading.. even a little everyday no matter how swamped with work or hooked on other activities I get) So, finally picking up books to read made me so deliriously happy… and I don’t even care if they ended up being crap or not I’m just Happy to be reading…

I’m still slacking off in the challenge department… I haven’t made any progress whatsoever in any of the ones I’m participating — Well that’s not true, I have been killing it with the Discussion challenge ( apparently I’m feeling very inspired and chatty guys).. But I did manage to read a total of 8 Books and 1 Manga — I know that this isn’t my usual double digit reading number but after not having the will to pick up anything I’m just glad to have read this much (plus I had to work on and off and it mess up my free time)

Let’s get to the books:

  • That Guy – Kim Jones – 3 Stars


This book was hilarious, it is filled with typical romance tropes but that’s exactly what makes it great (it makes fun of itself).. I do warn you though that it is on the steamier side of things but if you want to decompress and just have fun reading give this a try…

  • Midnight Alias – Elle Kennedy – 3.5 Stars


I love Elle Kennedy, I devoured almost anything she writes and her romantic suspense books aren’t the exception… this is what I look for when I pick a book like this… a little action, relatable characters (the team in this one is awesome and I can’t wait to read all their stories) romance, intrigue.. and this book has it all..

  • Flip Trick – Amo Jones – 2 Stars


My disappointing read of the month… I’m not going to get into it too much if you are curious to find out why I didn’t like this book  check out my review here.

  • The Peer and the Puppet – B.B. Reid – 3 Stars


Wow! this was a hard one… because it has really good things and really bad ones in equal measure… Let’s just say that I did enjoy the angst of the story and the main idea of it but it was lacking in character development in my opinion (at least I wanted more of it)

  • As Dust Dances – Samantha Young – 3.75 Stars


I love this book… It has such a nice flow to it and using music as therapy for the soul.. that just stole my heart because I can relate to that so much..

  • The Surviving Trace – Calia Read – 4 Stars


Oh my God!! I need the next book in this series like ASAP.. I was hooked on the writing style and the plot of this book.. I need to read more from Calia Read. She has a way to twist your mind and make you enjoy it…

  • The Problem With Him – Rachel Higginson – 4 stars


This was a surprise, when I started reading I thought that this book was going to be about Wyatt (the Hero) but it was actually more about Kaya and her journey while taking Wyatt along with her.. but it was really well done and its such an uplifting book..

  • Heart Of Glass – Nicole Jacquelyn – 3.5 Stars


This book is more about family than anything else… and it works… not much angst, a little romance (actually a lot less than what I expected) but a lot of family, their hopes, grievances, support… Really a heartwarming story.

The manga I read was actually catching up with the new volumes of

  • Sabaku no Harem


I love this manga and when I saw that there were new volumes of it that I hadn’t rea I jumped right in… Now I want more, particularly because the relationship is finally moving along…

I mostly stuck to my planned TBR with some minor squirreling here and there.. I was short on 3 books (I couldn’t get to them)  but it wasn’t that bad in my opinion… and I’m reading steadily again which is the greatest thing ever….

Blogger Shout Out

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This post has such a professional style.. and the way it goes around what should be used to make a great cover.. it was amazing.. good work.

How was your reading month?? Did August treat you well? Let me know all about it in the comments below

As Always

Happy Reading



8 thoughts on “August 2018 Wrap Up – The Slump is Over

  1. I’m happy that your slump is over–there’s nothing like not reading when you love books! As Dust Dances is on my TBR as I love music and am a musician myself. I hope September continues to be a great reading month for you.

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