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The Dreaded Series Finale

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I know what you might think.. Who would want their favorite book series to end?? Well, I’m sure that this little bookworm won’t.. and, it does have a little to do with the fact that I’m going to miss the world, the characters, the enjoyment I get while reading it…. And I also hate that emptiness that comes right after you finish something good… You know, that feeling of “What Now?”…


But these reasons don’t actually make the ending of a series “scary” or something to be feared.. it just makes me hesitant to pick it up or sad once I do find the courage to actually read it…

What makes me truly dread that final book, are my expectations of how it should end, and then more often than not finding the reality of it completely lacking… I mean, if we love a series, and we know the pacing of it, we know the characters, their motivations, we are (or we feel like we are) part of that story and it’s unavoidable to idealise how things should go… (fanfiction exist for this exact reason) And yet, quite often, we are faced with plot twist that come out of the blue and don’t make sense with the overall story, characters that start to act opposite of how they were, loose ends that will never get tied up and are important in some way to the story, lack of action, sudden change of pacing…I could go on and on…  these are pretty much the reasons to fear that series ending…don’t you think?


I’m not saying that authors should cater to every fancy we have (that would be a ludicrous idea) and I do respect the hard work they actually do when they put their work out there for public consumption… It’s a courageous thing to do because “we, the public” can be terrifying in our reactions sometimes…

What I’m pointing out, it’s the fact that a “bad ending” can sometimes be a matter of perception… a kind of it’s not you it’s me thing… I think we build up so much a book series in our heads that there would be no way (there are a few rare exceptions but I’m sticking with the norm here) that it will fully satisfy us… no matter what happens..

Which brings me back to the original idea of this post and why I fear to pick up a final book in a series… and why I have so many of them that are unfinished (time also plays a role here but I find that more often than not it’s just that I don’t want to read that final book).. And this explains why some of my favorite books are either the first or the middle book in a series..

Endings are hard, and they are certainly not going to please everybody… so, maybe we should just jump right into them and not expect to much from them… this way we may be able to judge them more based on themselves and not so much on what we think they should be…

I hope this rambling made some sort of sense and I’m curious to know if any of you struggle with finishing book series because you fear it might disappoint you? Do you dread reading that final book? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading




3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Series Finale

  1. I don’t struggle with finishing book series, I prefer to power right through them. It’s AFTER I’ve finished reading that my opinion of the series is either improved or worsened. An ending I don’t like can taint the entire series for me sometimes. The epilogue of The Deathly Hallows did that for the Harry Potter series, so I prefer to pretend the series ended with the battle

    Great post! 😊💕

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