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Frostblood Trilogy by Elly Blake – Series Review

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FrostBlood Saga

Author: Elly Blake

Young Adult Fantasy

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  • FrostBlood
  • FireBlood
  • NightBlood

My Review

For the Whole Series

I’m doing things a little different this time, I’m not going to talk about each book separately as I tend to do because I binge read these books and the overall story is in my head and I can’t break it down…

Let me start with the things I liked in these three books…

  • There’s elemental magic (my favorite kind of magic) There’s Fire and Frost (opposites in every way… as nations and powers) But there’s also the menacing evil lurking around (the Shadows or Minax) which in the end will bring everyone together to fight against it.. The magic system reminded me a lot of Avatar The Last Airbender (which is a series that I love) in a smaller scale, mind you but the similarities were there.
  • The opposite sides — enemies to allies kind of thing isn’t new (we all know that) but it’s still one of my favorite plots so I was okay with it.
  • I liked the journey of the characters… from the training that Ruby (our main heroine) had to undergo in the first two books… not only to master her powers but to grow into herself… As for Arcus (the main Hero) it was his learning to accept firebloods, not only as fighting tools but as allies.. learning to trust a former enemy in order to protect what you hold dear.. You can see the grow in both of them as you progress in the story (it helps if do what  I did and tackle all three books one after the other)

“Face them like a warrior whether you are one or not”

  • Even if the story isn’t the most original, I still enjoyed it a lot… it has action, trials, competitions, fight for survival… and I particularly liked the inner struggle that we see Ruby go through when she has to fight the Minax… It’s always intriguing when a character gets this duality inside them (and in this book I found that at times I couldn’t tell if she was herself or it was the Minax pervading her thoughts)

Okay, now let’s move on to what I didn’t like:

  • The Love triangle, I know that is not quite as developed as others so it wasn’t super annoying, but just the hint of it bothered me… I didn’t like it… Kai could have just been a friend, an ally and that would have been fine… I didn’t need the veiled threat of the triangle…
  • The romance (What??) Yep, I am a sucker for the hate to love trope and we have that here… also it has a nice pacing and it’s not insta lovey which is good.. but I could get behind the relationship in the first book .. I didn’t “feel it” (hope that makes sense). It gets a little better in the next books but not that much… I always had the sense that Arcus was more invested than Ruby…
  • The miscommunication.. I’m tired of the “I won’t tell him/her what is going on to protect him/her… Come on, the world is on the verge of war and you don’t know what is going to happen.. is that really the best politic??

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Overall I enjoyed each book even better than its predecessor so I call this trilogy a success.. for me at least… if you want to look for some fantasy that it’s easy to binge read check this books out… they are worth it.


As Always

Happy Reading



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