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Are Bookworms that Obnoxious to Non-Readers?

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No way! I don’t believe this for a second …  We are not in any way shape or form obnoxious to anyone… So what, if we want to share our love of reading by trying to make everyone else read? Is that really so bad?… We merely just suggest that you pick up a book every once in a while… it’s not like we are threatening to do bodily harm to you with it, right?


We are fountains of unending and tireless recommendations.. that’s not a flaw it only makes  it easier for you to choose the perfect book — that book that will turn you to our dark side — and you should totally take advantage of it, we probably won’t shut up about until you do…

We are great conversationalist after all… we can handle dissertations about every plot twist, character development, world building, magic system … pretty much anything book related… and it’s not uncommon how easily we turn any conversation to books (after all everything we see reminds us of something we have read before). We care so much that we don’t want you to feel left out, we just want you to go along our bookish ride with us..


Then you will understand how we can be judgemental with every book to movie adaptation out there… there’s no comparison after all.. the book is always better. We’ll make certain that your priorities are set straight while managing your budget because we are masters at it… we need to fit our books into our spending budget (and if we get overboard, it’s okay… no fellow bookworm will judge you for it.. we are very accepting of the occasional over spending on anticipated releases)

And finally… if what you need is space we are the people to go to… who else can understand better the need to skip that weekly reunion because you are in the middle of a good book??… or how much you need to rant about the ending of that favorite series that has left you feeling so empty that there’s no way you can be social at the moment, or even articulate enough to make sense?? Or how you might need to catch up on your sleep because you have been pulling all nighters with so many books on your TBR and there’s no way you want to hang out on saturday night??We understand.. we have been there after all..


So, there’s no way we are obnoxious. We just care about you so much that we want to make a convert out of you… and we are not afraid to use whatever guile is at our disposal… We just want you fellow non-reader to give books a try because we know you won’t regret it…

Hope you guys liked my little bookworm rambling this week and let me know in the comments what do you think can make your little bookworm self unbearable to your non reading friends??

As Always

Happy Reading




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