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Mini Reviews – Paranormal Romance Bonanza (Sherrilyn Kenyon)


Hey Guys! If you have been following me you must know that my TBR for October consist of mainly Paranormal Romance (is my high-five to Halloween when it comes to books) and for this round of Mini Reviews I’m talking about 2 of the books on that list — well, technically just one in the actual list, the other was an add on… you know how it is with us moody readers) Any way, both books are part of the historical/paranormal romance trilogy about pirates and demon hunters (Deadman’s Cross) by Sherrilyn Kenyon… intrigued yet?? Let’s get reviewing..

25479220 Deadmen Walking

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 1 in the Deadman’s Cross Trilogy

My Review



I’m not going to give the plot away… Nope, you need to dive in (no pun intended) into this pirates/demon hunters shenanigans… it’s a lot of fun. If you have read any of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books before, you know she tends to go heavy on the amount of characters and the mythology involved, ( if that it’s not your thing you have been warned) But I found that in this book it was all very fluid, I didn’t feel lost (which I was concerned about; because I have skipped quite a few books in the dark Hunters world) I just got the grasp of who was who and growed attached to all the characters in this book .. I want a book about a lot of them of them actually… I was pleasantly surprised by the romance, it wasn’t at all what I expected ( it wasn’t between who I thought it would be and that was refreshing) This book is an introductory journey… with lots of action, magic and humour.. If you are in the mood for pirates with a twist jump right in…


25479241Death Doesn’t Bargain

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 2 in the Deadman’s Cross Trilogy

My Review


This one wasn’t as good for me as the first one, it has lots of action I won’t deny that.. appearances from favorite characters of her other works (Dark Hunters World) — I really like that, and yet I wasn’t as invested in the main storyline… I felt like it jumped from one point to another a little to abruptly and I had a lot of new information to digest… It might have work against it that I wasn’t as intrigued by the main characters.. particularly the heroine whose name just scape me (she wasn’t that gripping to me.. more on the flat side) and there was a nice plot twist that I would have found interesting but never developed… Overall it was okay and I want to finish the trilogy for sure but it did lose momentum for me.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little sneak peek into these 2 paranormal romances.. Let me know in the comments if you have read them and what you thought about them…

As Always

Happy Reading


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