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Too Real Or Too Happy Ever After?

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I have notice how often readers (I’m including myself in this lot of course) find ourselves dissatisfied with the how “realistic” a Book should be.. In fact my fellow bloggers @Book Princess Reviews have a Hilarious post that talks a little about that (it  sort of inspired my little rant, you should go check it out). They take realism to the most basic expression and it’s great… it actually left me wondering if I truly wanted to read about my characters going to the bathroom?? Moving on…

Guys, honestly; How “Real” do we want our books to be??

I completely understand that we are looking to be represented in some way on the things we read… we need to find a connection with the characters and sometimes the situations they are dealing with.. It’s natural.. there needs to be a link between the book and the reader..

That might explain why it’s so common to be pickier when it comes to Contemporary books… it’s everyday life after all, and it should be as close as possible to the actual thing, right? Well, I will agree to disagree here, because even though I’m a huge supporter of coherent behaviour in our characters and “realistic” situations and progress developments (True representation and such). I still look for the fluff and Happily Ever after from time to time — and let’s be honest in some books.. with pretty messed up situations that Happily ever after (however we get there) it’s really pushing it.. If we dissect the story and see in terms of reality, we know for sure that this or that relationship won’t work in the long run.. or it’s just a little unhealthy attachment… and so on..


When we move on to Fantasy or Paranormal.. well it’s a little harder to pin point “reality” here.. I know that we will judge other things… Character development, plot, progression… but I still find it a little subjective at times (there are a little standard situations that are easily spottable as ridiculous — for example the traditional kiss in the middle of war) and yet, do we really know what would “truly” happen when faced with some of the outrageous situations that easily come up in any of these books?…

We are judging from our knowledge of things… and what we believe should be right? and that is not “reality” it’s just our perception of things… For instance I have heard a lot of complaining about the age of the characters and how they act too mature — but if we look at facts, most of these books  deal with a medieval  influence, and at that time period you needed to grow up fast… it was common to be an adult at 16 even younger.. So that would be reality for these books..

Like I mentioned before I do look for accurate representations (and it bugs me when characters are mere stereotypes) and a natural flow to the story, relatable characters (I need to like them or things won’t work out well and I won’t enjoy my reading). As for How Real I want them to be?? It would depend on why I decided to pick it up in the first place…


Reading for me personally is an scape from everyday life, something to take my mind of the struggles I have to deal with (Probably why I enjoy Romance and Fantasy so much because everything works out in the end… no matter how bad things get) I look for that happily ever after (even if I consciously know how wrong it might be) and I’m not that bothered by how “real” it is…

In the end as with most of the things that deal with our preferences and tastes it’s a subjective matter.. and I think it starts with Why did you pick that book in the first place??

Hope you guys enjoyed my little rant and Let me know in the comments below your thoughts in the matter… Do you want your books Realistic or just don’t care too much about it?? 

As Always

Happy Reading


7 thoughts on “Too Real Or Too Happy Ever After?

    1. I don’t really mind if the ending isn’t a happy ever after but it will depend on what I’m in the mood for… I don’t complain so much of how realistic this or that is.. I just want an entertaining story and coherent character development…


  1. So interesting to hear your thoughts on this topic! It’s tough picking a balance on real/not real in contemp. I’m soooo picky with contemporary books it’s not even funny, but when it comes down to it, I just need my characters to face real world issues. No one is happy all the time and gets all good grades and meets the perfect love interest. A few books like that, sometimes, to escape reality? Okay. But an abundance flooding the market is a bit hard to swallow when that’s so far removed from anyone’s life. But going to the bathroom (or not) wouldn’t make or break a novel for me. 🙂

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    1. I get what you are saying, and it’s kind of what I do when I chose to read something… if I’m too stress out I will probably go for the mindless read but otherwise I’ll pick what sounds appealing to me whether it’s “real” or not…

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