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Authors I’ve Read all Their Books — Tag?? Challenge??

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I’m not quite sure how to label this post.. it could be a tag (I don’t think anyone has done it as one.. so Original tag?? YAY!!) or as in my case it can be a challenge… I was thinking about how we always complain about not having enough time to read all we want from our favorite authors, and it occurred to me to find out how much I’ve actually read from those authors I love… Have I read all their work?? Am I a true hardcore fan?? The answer to these questions was surprising… and a little frustrating..

Here is what you do in case you decide to take on this Challenge – Tag or whatever..

Pick 5 of your favorite authors (I know we have so many more but we need  boundaries) and find their list of published works on Goodreads or wherever it’s convenient for you.. and just mark what you have read… Marking Success or Fail depending on if you had read all their books or are missing a few…

Easy, right??

Authors I picked

  • Penelope Douglas (12 Books) — Success — It turns out I have read all her books… and I’m currently waiting for her newest release —


  • Samantha Young (34 Books) –Epic Fail– There’s a lot of books I have yet to read by her.. Particularly her oldest work… More books to the TBR


  • Elly Blake (3 Books) — Success — Just recently finished binge reading the only series by this author (lucky for me she doesn’t have more)


  • Leigh Bardugo (7 Books) — Fail — This was the most disappointing fail … I was just a book away from reading all her work — I need to get to that soon..


  • Jeaniene Frost (17 Books) — Success — And the most rewarding success, I actually thought I was missing some of her books but apparently not.. I read them all but her new one which comes out this October and I can’t wait..

3 out of 5 ain’t that bad, right? I was expecting a lot worse since I suck at continuing series no matter how much I love the author’s work… Hope you have fun if you decide to take me on this Tag or challenge or whatever… feel free to share and link your answers down below so I can see how well you guys did

As Always

Happy Reading


I’m Tagging

Thrice Reads

Bobo’s Book Bank

Book Princess Reviews

The Bibliophile Empress

and anybody else who wants to jump in go right ahead….






6 thoughts on “Authors I’ve Read all Their Books — Tag?? Challenge??

  1. I’m sort of obsessive about reading an author’s backlist if I like them, lol. Most of my favorites I’ve read all their books unless I can’t find a copy in print/digital anymore. But some of my favorites also have series that I don’t like at all and it *kills* me that I can’t say I’ve read everything by them. My current mission is to read all of Nora Roberts’ books; 130 done so far and still a lot more to go.

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    1. I used to do that too, but then I just came across some books from favorite authors that I didn’t liked and it put me off a bit… That’s probably why I was curious to see how much of everyone I have actually read… Good luck with Nora Roberts I have read I ton of her books but I’m missing a whole lot more… she has so many

      Liked by 1 person

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