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October Wrap Up – #Paranormal Romance Bonanza

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Hey guys, this has certainly been a bumpy October for me… It’s been great reading wise, I set myself the goal of reading quite a few Paranormal Romances and I tackled that list like my life depended on it (I even added a few more — completely ignoring any other genre) Guess I was in a mood, Huh?

As for everything else, let’s just say that chaos erupted… My Internet went dead for almost a week which meant no posting anything (not to mention I was struggling with work and everyday life — It’s surprising how dependant we have become of technology… )Anyway, I only had a few things scheduled so, I got by with those but I wanted to do more… (hangs head in shame) Then there’s been the usual blackouts and power shortages (It’s common now, in Venezuela, to be without power a couple of times a week for whatever number of hours).. That’s life!

Anyway, regardless of the bumps.. I still enjoyed my October (My reading and my Movies Horror fest) So, let’s focus on that… Shall we? I had a list of 15 books.. a mixture of Paranormal Romance and some other genres to cleanse my palate… Those palate cleansers were totally ignored, once I started on my paranormal binge I didn’t stop… I read all the books on my Paranormal list (which had 7 books) and added 4 more.. Adding up to 11 books…

Foto 26-9-18 3 06 34 p.m.

  • Blood Vow by J. R. Ward
  • Blood Fury by J. R. Ward
  • Crave the Night by Lara Adrian
  • Lothaire by Kresley Cole
  • Shadow’s Seduction By Kresley Cole
  • Dark Skye By Kresley Cole
  • The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter
  • Deadmen Walking by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Death Doesn’t Bargain By Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Archangel’s Shadow by Nalini Singh
  • Shades of Wicked by Jeaniene Frost

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Then I did managed to read the odd non paranormal book and even a couple of Mangas…

D1pHc4ZrB+S._SL250_FMpng_ reveling-in-sin

  • Bringing Down The Stars By Emma Scott
  • Long Live The Beautiful Hearts By Emma Scott
  • Reveling in Sin By Meghan March
  • Namaikizakari By Mitsubachi Miyuki
  • Suijin No Ikenie (The Water Dragon’s Bride) By  Rei Tōma

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I don’t want to talk about them like I usually do on my wrap ups because I want to do mini reviews on most of what I read (I already have Sherrilyn Kenyon’s here — Hopefully the rest will come out very soon — a little late for Halloween but it couldn’t be helped) Sneak Peak?? Most were 4 star reads — so hang tight to find out why… So my surprising total was 16 books read this October… Yaayyy!!

As For the movie Horror fest I had planned to celebrate Halloween.. it didn’t quite worked as I had thought… I ended up watching a few “classics” — I was in an 80’s mood apparently..

  • The Thing
  • Event Horizon
  • Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors
  • Pet Sematary

As for the New Releases, I saw Slender Man (and I wish I hadn’t — that movie sucks) and I saw Unfriended 2 Dark Web — Which surprised me with how good it turned out to be — really creepy and realistic in some ways.

I’m so sorry for not having my usual Spread the Love Blog fest but due to my nightmarish Internet connection I haven’t been bloghoping as much… so I apologize for that…

This was my October in a nutshell.. hope yours was a little more uneventful but good nonetheless… Let me know what you were up to this Halloween in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading

And a very scary HALLOWEEN!!!


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  1. I found it interesting about your regional power issue. I know when we lose power here it’s usually due to storms, though sometimes a contractor cuts a line. Technology certainly is a huge part of our lives. From your post, it sounds like your October was awesome for you.

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