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Namaikizakari – Manga Review


128825Title: Namaikizakari

Authors: Miyuki, Mitsubachi (Story & Art)

Volumes: Unknown

Chapters: 92 chapters

Status: Publishing

Published: Oct 19, 2013 and ongoing

Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo, Sports

The Story

Being the eldest child of a large family, Yuki Machida was forced to become the responsible one of her many siblings at a very young age. Accustomed to making sacrifices for them, she is all too familiar with disappointment and the pain of suppressing her true feelings.

Though expecting nothing to become of them, Machida becomes the basketball club manager in order to be closer to her crush. But at the start of the new school year, Shou Naruse joins the team. He is extremely talented… and has taken an interest in Machida. Stoic-faced and cold, she is unfazed by his advances, despite how relentless he is when it comes to winning her love—from kissing her with no warning to asking for permission to grope her. Keeping her cool and focusing on basketball becomes a much more difficult task when Naruse makes no effort to conceal his desires.

My Review


This is a sport romance at its best… for those of us who enjoy a well developped love story (slow burn — but not too slow) between a cocky younger basketball player and the slightly older tsundere girl.. this one is perfect.. But it has so much more than that..

You get a lot of the sport (basketball) the team’s struggles, their efforts to be the best and the coming together of the guys.. their growing friendships, how they support each other in and out of the basketball court… it’s a delight to read about..


With a lot of humorous situations (not forced at all) and a steady rythmn to the story without a lot of the traditional cliches we usually see in a shoujo manga… and when the few that do come up actually happen, you are already so invested that you don’t mind them at all…

As for Yuki and Naruse our main couple I love how they face real life struggles and problems in their relationship.. not out of the blue crazy exes, or made up issues for the sake of the plot… but things that are believable to the reader.. that you can see happening with their circunstances…


If you enjoy shoujo manga but are a little bored of the usual tropes I would strongly recommend this one it will surprise you in a great way..

A little off topic.. I would love to see this manga coming to anime, it’s a shame that it hasn’t happened yet…

As Always

Happy Reading



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