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The RelationShipper Book Tag

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I found this tag over at Sahi’s Blog My World of Books go check out her blog and say hi!! As you know I’m always on the hunt for a good tag and I though that talking about our “ships” was kind of fun and not very typical in a tag form.. so here I am, doing it without being asked to… (that’s never been a problem for me) Let’s get tagging… 🙂


1. Who was your first book crush?

I don’t have an actual book crush but tons of favorite characters… when I was on my teens I was head over heels over Lestat From the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice … (so I guess he counts for this answer) Now that I think about it.. it was all Stuart Townsend’s fault I love his Lestat in Queen Of The Damned..

2. Who was your most recent book crush?

Like I said before I don’t do the book crush but I do have lots and lots of characters that are dear to my heart (is that a crush??) Anyway, let me name a few.. Rhysand (ACOMAF), Archer (Archer’s Voice), Misha (Punk 57), Josh (Josh and Hazel’s guide to not dating).. and the list goes on….and on…

3. What popular ship do you sink?

I’m usually happy with the ships that I found in books.. so I don’t have (or I don’t think so) no, wait… I remember one.. Julian and Scarlett from Caraval.. I don’t know if they are popular or not but I do sink them so bad….

4. Which unpopular ship do you actually love?

I don’t know if it is Unpopular but I do know that some people didn’t like the Kaz and Inej ship too much but I actually love it..

5. Do you have a favorite friends to lovers ship?

Josh and Hazel are my ideal friends to lovers… I just love them together… so cute.

6. What ship reminds you of your relationship? or the relationship you would like to have?

There are two that would fall into the second question .. again I’m going to repeat myself… Josh and Hazel and I’m adding Michael and Stella (The Kiss Quotient)

7. What ship was just unnecessary?

Like I said before I don’t mind ships too much… I do enjoy them, if they don’t take over the plot and screw the book… everything needs a balance..

8. Imagine your favorite ship 10 years in the future (from when their book ends)… where are they now?

Ruling their court… as it should be done.. and having fun in Velaris.. Can you guess what Ship I’m talking about??

9. Which book do you want to see adapted to tv/movie? Who would you cast to bring your ship to life?

I suck at casting so I’m not even trying that.. as for the books I would love to see as movies or TV shows… A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Cruel Prince, Corrupt or more like the Devil’s Night series

10. What is a relationship that you wish happened?

Alina and the Darkling… it would have been a much interesting and twisted kind of book…

11. What character(s) have broken your heart?

The Beautiful Hearts Duet by Emma Scott… she has a knack for heartbreaking and beautiful stories…

That’s it for this tag, and even though I know I’m supposed to come up with 11 new questions I kind of like these ones…so, they stay.. If you want to go ahead and fill in this tag feel free to do so and don’t forget to link me up so I can read your answers…

As Always

Happy Reading



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