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The Ridiculous Task of Explaining a Book Plot

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I’m sure each and every one of you, reader friends, have found yourself on a situation kind of like this..

–“So, What’s that book you are reading about??

— Oh! It so amazing, it’s about this girl who is a healer but turns out to be a queen with magical powers and she has to fight demons who posses people but turns out she was descendant from those demons and she’s in love with her best friend who ends up being a reincarnation of  her past enemy because their spirits have travelled through time…”

And so, the weirdly ridiculous explanation goes on for sometime.. until this sentence comes out of your mouth

–“But it’s so much better than it sounds… ”

nxvIPnaThis usually happens when we start to notice the look of confusion or abject horror in the face of our interloper (particularly if it’s not an avid reader like us).. And we go backwards in our head to all the explanation we just uttered and try to pin point where we lost him/her, but what we truly notice is how utterly silly the plot sounds out loud — Don’t get me wrong it might be our favorite book ever and we certainly will defend it until our dying breath (dramatic much??) but we have to accept that when it is explained to someone else who doesn’t have a clue… it’s ludicrous most times, as for others, well, let’s just say that it turns out to be so awfully torturous that the only answer we’ll get it’s sure to be..

“Why do you read that??”

But why do we subject ourselves and others to this little communicational mishap??

Easy, we love books and we want everybody else to love them too.. to join with us in the fun and hyped of that ridiculous story we are badly trying to sell… to have someone to discuss and ramble and rant about how awful that ghostly were creature character was to his coven/pack because he just discovered his elemental powers while trying to conquer the world… Sorry I’m getting carried away here, by the way none of this plots are actual books (that I’m aware of).


I guess we just have to suck it up and still try our best to get the awesomeness of our favorite books across to anyone who would listen or at least we can have fun playing #ExplainABookPlotBadly on Twitter… that might have an even better result now that I think about it…

Hope you guys enjoyed my pointless rambling and join with me in playing a little.. Explain in the comments the plot of your favorite book and we’ll see who can guess what book it is… 

I’ll start with this:

Two teenagers shun social media and decide to write letters to each other .. then they turn into the hottest enemies ever… What book is it??

As Always

Happy Reading




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