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The “Out of my Comfort Zone” Book Tag

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The lovely allonsythornraxx Tag me and of course I’m doing it… and let me tell she picked a hard one for me ( I’m a creature of comfort after all)… but Okay challenge accepted..


You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about… and then, you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

My go to genre is Romance so I guess that’s out… This is going to be hard..


1. A book that is an exception when it comes to genres or elements you don’t typically like

I’m not much of a thriller lover.. I enjoy them from time to time but that’s it and I’m also not a huge fan of unreliable narrators but It all work well for me on a Gilr on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

2. A book you enjoyed from a genre you previously held some stigma against:

I don’t usually read sci/fi but I don’t have a stigma agaisnt it… if I did I wouldn’t read any of it (I’m hardcore like that) But I guess I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

3. A book you didn’t know was out of your comfort zone until you started reading it:

This happens to me more when it comes to content than genre, because I don’t always stray too much from what I know I’m going to like… For instance I’m going to strech the rules a bit here but I recenctly read Balance by Lucia Franco and this book is on my go to genre but its content had me feeling very out of my comfort zone…

4. Pick a friend who motivates you to pick up books you might not normally be interested in—is there a book they convinced you to give a try?

My friend Rafael who has been a guest reviewer on my blog, he’s always recommending me Sci/Fi books that I usually get intrigued by but as with many others.. they go to my TBR pile..

But thanks to him I read American Vampire and freaking loved it…

5. A book that is out of your comfort zone, but you would like to read:

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson… like I mentioned before Sci/Fi isn’t my thing but the premise of this book calls to me for some reason..

6. A book or genre so outside of your comfort zone that you’ll probably never give it a chance:

Self Help books… I think I have only read one in my whole life and they are just the same … it’s not that their content is bad it’s just that I don’t relate that well when I’m reading about what I should do for this or that…

I did it!! I really had to pick my brain on this one but I got throuth it… if you want to suffer with me I tag you so go right ahead.. and don’t forget to link up so I can see your answers… Sorry for the lack of Images but my computer didn’t want to cooperate with me… it was in a mood… LOL!!

As Always

Happy Reading



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