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Romance-o-poly – Books and Monopoly what could go wrong??

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I have a new fact about yours truly that you guys didn’t know and I’m positive you wouldn’t be able to guess it in a million years (I know I’m a little dramatic but I’ know my stuff) ..Drum Roll…  I love Monopoly!!.. Oh yees!! I’m that friend that will suggest a game of it when the opportunity presents itself.. So, when Under the Covers Book Blog and Peace Love Books came up with this ingenious idea of mixing romance books and monopoly… I was getting in the thick of this thing there was no doubt, besides why make the reading year easy right?? (nervous laughter)

I’ll leave the link to both of their channels and Blogs and of  course, here’s the link for the Challenge’s Page ( they did a lot of work on this) Here you will find how to play, all the challenges and what you need to do… come join us it’s going to be super fun…. Romanceopoly Home Page

Romanceopoly 2019 Participant

In my case, I decided to go for the native title.. which means completing all 39 challenges ( like I said earlier, why make it easy right??).. but I’m doing it square by square instead of rolling the dice .. I need some order (cough.. liar.. cough)

Anyway, I set myself a tentative pace of 4 squares per month and I have completed  my first four for January.. I’m starting strong… lets hope it continues like that..

Here’s what I chose and how it turned out:

1.- Leather Lane: Read an urban fantasy where the series is already completed


Stray by Rachel Vincent was my choice for this challenge, and it was an okay read… I was entertained for the most part but the main character annoyed me a bit…

2.- Library: Read ANY book you want!


The Wicked King by Holly Black.. there was no doubt that I was jumping on this book as soon as I could and it’s so worth it… I’ll let you know more in my long gushing review about it..

3.- Kick Ass Lane: Read an urban fantasy with a picture of a kickass heroine on the cover

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Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews was my pick, and to be honest it took me a little while to get in to the story… probably because it’s the second book in this series and I had read the first a loooonnngg time ago… but once I did it was pretty good..

4.-Downtown Subway: Read a rock star romance


I went with Staged by Olivia Cunning and Oh my holy hotness!! this book was so very steamy… entertaining too but not for the faint of heart…

5.- Beanies Coffee Shop : Post pics of your bookshelves using #ROMANCEOPOLYSHELFIE .. this one is a social media challenge and this is my pic…

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So there you have it guys, this is my review/tracker for my Romanceopoly progress, we’ll see if things continue just as good as they were this January ..Come join us in this fun reading adventure if you still haven’t, it’s great for picking up books that we don’t always read and making some new bookish friends..

As Always

Happy Reading



10 thoughts on “Romance-o-poly – Books and Monopoly what could go wrong??

  1. I am participating in this challenge as well. I’m doing all 39 squares but I have chosen to roll the dice to make it a little more sporadic. I’m currently reading my second book for this challenge and I am hoping to finish that one and one more before the end of the month but we will see if that happens. Good luck with your challenge.

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