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2019 Challenges -Kicking it off with a Bang

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Hey Guys! I’m back on the Blog after a little Holiday Hiatus (if you didn’t notice my absence was because scheduled posting is my best friend ever.. and I had a great burst of inspiration too) Anyway, New year new books and a whole lot of plans that hopefully will come to fruition… Among those is my desire to participate in a more challenges and readathons for this upcoming year…

So, I’m kicking things off with these fun yearly challenges (some I’ve done before and others I’m trying for the first time) wish me luck everyone or even better come join me in a few of them..

Template game Monopoly

First we have the new and exciting Romance-opoly I already talk about these one in a previous post but the overall gist of the game is completing 39 Monopoly squares with bookish prompts — I’ll leave the link so you can check everything out if you are interested…


Then I’m trying the Ultimate Reading Challenge hosted by Beware of the Reader and Collector of Book Boyfriends both awesome fellow bloggers… It’s a simple challenge that requires reading one book a month based on the prompt given, simple is my jam..


And of course we can’t forget the 2019 A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by the awesome people over ay ginger mom and the kindle quest ( they have been making a few changes on their blog so go check them out.. it’s worth it.. I did this one last year and failed by a couple of books.. I’m not letting that happen again… I’m dead set on completing all the letters this time around (Hopefully??)


And last but not least one of my personal favorites (not quite reading but more like a blogging challenge) hosted by Feed your Fiction addiction and It Starts at Midnight.. the 2019 Discussion Challenge I love talking about books and bookish things so, this one fits me to a T… I’m going for the Gift of The Gab title this time around…

Of course I’m also doing the Goodreads reading challenge but I did set my goal a little lower this time because even thought I managed to complete it last year it was a struggle … I’m trying to be realistic — I know I can’t read all the time — even if I do need a reminder of why that is from time to time (reality sucks). I’m only going for 100 books this year.. I think it’s a good number, don’t you?

I’m also keeping my eye out on a couple of Readathons .. like Smutathon for instance.. I had a lot of fun with this one on December.. so I’m looking forward to the new edition… Plus a couple of other things that I’m working on and putting together.. We’ll see how it goes…

What about you guys which challenges have caught your fancy for this 2019?? Let me know all about them in the comments… who knows? I might add them to my list..

As Always

Happy Reading



9 thoughts on “2019 Challenges -Kicking it off with a Bang

  1. I don’t have any reading challenges for you- this is the first year I’m doing anything besides the 52 Book Challenge. Thanks for sharing yours though, I am looking for some to add. The Romance-opoly and Ultimate Reading Challenge look like they’d be a good fit.

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  2. I’m participating in Romanceopoly and 2019 A to Z as well! I’m also doing the 2019 Monthly Motif Challenge from Girl XOXO and the Cruisin Through Cozies hosted over on Socrates Book Reviews. I hope you are enjoying Romanceopoly!

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