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Mini Reviews – Grave Mercy, The Accidentals, Nightchaser


Hey guys, how is your reading going so far?? Since I decided to complicate my life with challenges and readathons left and right I’m taking the pro-active way of the Mini Reviews .. This time around I’m taking the 2019 A to Z reading challenge by the horns (sort of speak) and crossing out in one post the letters N, A and G.. with their corresponding book reviews.. Let’s get down to business shall we??

35712606Title: Nightchaser

Author: Amanda Bouchet

Endeavor book 1

My Review


I think I was expecting too much from this book based on how much I enjoyed Amanda Bouchet’s previous work… It wasn’t bad.. I was entertained but it was much more into romance and too relationship heavy than I thought it would be with the kind of storyline it had…(rebellion, oppression, space  battles.. and all that fun stuff) I wanted a bit more of the action we had in the last bit of the book to be spread throughout… I’m still going to continue with the series though… because it was fun anyway.


40378934Title: The Accidentals

Author: Sarina Bowen

My Review


Oh My God this book made me so mad.. The main girl took passive aggressive to a whole new level. For a good chunk of the story I couldn’t decide if she was dealing with her grief (in a very unhealthy way) or she just was simply a doormat… She just wanted to be accepted so badly that it got on my nerves… how she bottled everything up and didn’t want to cause any ripples for anyone while screwing herself — I understood her reasoning but I couldn’t find a common ground with her character and me… As for her Dad.. I can say he was kind of trying, but not really.. I feel he could have done more.. but it’s like everybody in this book didn’t want to dig anymore than surface level… It does show how important it is to communicate and not let everyone else guessing how you feel..


dcxpfpzvmaav0gaTitle: Grave Mercy

Author: Robyn Lafevers

Assassins book 1

My Review


I know this is a favorite of a few of my fellow bloggers so, I’m nervous about this review.. I liked the story, and the world.. an assassin Nun? Come on! who  says no to that?.. I enjoyed the mix of history and mysticism.. And the characters were great .. My main complain was the romance, I didn’t feel the connection.. It felt a little cold, even the banter between them lacked chemistry… And I get that it is a slowish burn but I didn’t get it… Also the healing method when she had to deal with the poison was a little over the top.. seriously? That’s how you healed him??.. Even so, I will continue with the series..

Hope you enjoyed my little snipets of thoughts about these three books.. Let me know what you think if you have read them already and let’s discuss…

As Always

Happy Reading



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