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Hoarding Series I haven’t Read – What in the World??

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You know, when you are standing right in front of your shelves.. maybe you are just looking for your next read or you are contemplating the daunting task of cleaning and organizing them ( how brave of you) and then you start noticing that there are so many series that you haven’t even started yet — And I’m not just talking about those that are still coming out.. Oh No!, I’m talking about those that have been over and done with for a while now and yet.. there they are sitting unread on your shelves..


There’s a name for this and it is Series Hoarder, yep, that’s what we are.. and don’t even get me started on the thousands of ingenious excuses we can make up to justify having all those series on our shelves and not having read them… It can go from the most logical one “we were just collecting them all until we could binge read them when the final book came out”, to the most ludicrous one “I didn’t want the other books to get lonely..”

I confess.. I’m exactly like this.. no wonder that saying that goes “we preach what we know” (a misguided preach in this case) rings true… But in my case it’s not physical the mess of unread book series but digital stored on my Tablet that I’m hoarding… I guess they do tend to go under the radar until for some reason I get the idea to look for a particular book and start finding all those other ones that I quite frankly had even forgotten that I had…

This also brings the awful truth of dual copies… because like I mentioned before, my memory sucks and I don’t have an inventory of the books I own (maybe I should, but it seems like so much work that I don’t know when that will happen, if ever — I know me.. procrastination is my motto) .. Any way The whole point of this rambling is to let those of you know that have the same issue know that you are not alone.. (and I also let myself know that.. right? ) We are book hoarders and let’s face it we buy to read but that doesn’t happen right away (sometimes it does but not always) and the books get lost in our memories until the next one comes along to remind us they exist and the process starts all over again..

Lovely examples of this on my list are:

  • The Passenger Duology (Passenger and Wayfarer) by Alexandra Bracken

I got these books after reading The Darkest Minds ( I was late for that wagon) and since I liked that trilogy I thought why not check these two out — Still haven’t done that…

  • The Crown’s Game Series by Evelyn Skye .. 

It was a Cover buy to honest and it’s here on my Tablet looking pretty but still unread and I just remember I had it because I was looking to buy Circle of Shadows by her…

  • The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

This is one of the most shameful ones because I have all 13 books and haven’t read a single one yet.. Why? God, Why?

So, I’m just sharing 3 of my shamefully unread series (don’t even get me started on the ones that I have read at least one book because that is just a whole other mess) Please Let me know in the comments if you too have a collection of unread series like me … I need to feel the kinship…

As Always

Happy Reading


6 thoughts on “Hoarding Series I haven’t Read – What in the World??

  1. I feel slightly called out by this post, and it’s not okay. Just this weekend Malka was trying to prove a point, and made me count all the unread books in my shelf. It did not go well. Needless to say, I’ve become resigned to my fate, and wear my label of series hoarder with pride.

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  2. Oh, I definitely do this. Sometimes I’ll buy a much-hyped series because I figure if I own them all I’ll be more likely to read them. And then I don’t. The crazy thing is, sometimes I even end up listening to those series via audiobook from the library INSTEAD of reading the books that are sitting on my shelves. It’s a travesty!

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  3. I may have Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom sitting unread on my shelf, next to Cruel Prince and Wicked King (also untouched), as well as the entire Mortal Instruments series… SOMEDAY I will read them. I also have the whole ACOTAR series on my Audible account, as well as the whole Red Rising series – though I’ve at least listening to the first book in both of those series! SOMEDAY I will finish the rest! *shifty eyes, checks out another audiobook from the library*

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