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Mini Reviews – A Curse so Dark and Lonely – Beauty of the Beast


Once again I’m taking full advantage of the mini reviews format.. that way I won’t become the huge blubbering fangirling fest that I know I can become when I enjoy a book so much… And I do have one pretty good contender for that reaction here … You’ll see soon enough… (or read more likely, LOL)

I was in a Beauty and the beast kick this February (it wasn’t an intentional thing, but it let me read 2 very different takes on a traditional fairytale and I thoroughly enjoyed both perspectives.. Let’s get reviewing..

91mdojfzmjlTitle: A Curse so Dark and Lonely

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Young Adult Fantasy

My Review







This is a fresh take on a tried and true story.. I really enjoyed the depth to a few of the themes touched by this books… how to handle guilt (even if it’s caused by things outside of our control) Grief, Family (the good and the bad and how much we can accept) Friendship.. (the ones that have been with us for years and the budding ones as well).. It was refreshing having a female lead with a disability (Cerebral Palsy) who knows quite well which are her strengths and her flaws and takes advantage of what she can in order to accomplish the tasks that she has set on herself (even saving a kingdom) ..

What didn’t work for me was Harper’s background, I needed a little more in order to fully connect with her and her familiar bonds… I didn’t feel that relationship as deeply as the rest.. Also Lilith (our main villain) I know that she was pretty evil (a sadistic torturer nonetheless) but she felt a little cartoony at times…

As for the romance, I was a little on the fence about it.. I disliked the hint of a love triangle, even thought, to be honest I felt more chemistry between Harper and Grey than she had with Rhen (our main lead) what hooked me to the story was each character individually and how they were going to deal with everything.. I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all those who love a good retelling.

25215219Title: Beauty of the Beast

Author: Rachel L. Demeter

Adult Romance Fantasy

My Review


This is a much darker perspective of a classic retelling.. It’s more real ( It doesn’t have magic, or curses, or other worlds at all) instead it’s a story about overcoming your fears, your scars (internal and external) and facing a world that seems to be against you at every turn…

The romance was slow building and so achingly sweet because of how damaged both characters were by previous abuse and tragic backstories.. The world has a Historical appeal to it and it’s beautifully written… However I do warned you that there are harsh topics dealt here (rape, abuse) so be careful going into it but you won’t regret it if you do pick it up…

Hope you guys like my reviews and let me know in the comments if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them… A Curse so Dark and lonely was part of my #romanceopoly TBR and Beauty of the Beast was the letter B from the 2019 A to Z Reading challenge..

As Always

Happy Reading


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