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A Bookworm’s Perfect Date

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!! Hope you have a great day whether you love to celebrate this day or just love to hate it (which has become quite the popular thing).. I wanted to talk to you.. non bookish significant other.. about what constitutes a “perfect” or at least quite special date for that marshmallow book addict heart you might wish to conquer or maintain (because you should get lax on these things)

Don’t worry, I know you can’t actually take us to Prythia, or Hogwarts, or anything like that because no matter how much we want to they are not real places we can visit, or spend time in… (Sad I know) But there are alternatives to make that date shine..


I did say that there are places that we cannot visit because they only exist in our bookish imagination (and in their creator’s minds) but, depending on where you are located you do have the chance to visit some of the places that inspired your favorite authors to write their books.. like the little coffee shop where J.K. Rowlings wrote most of Harry Potter.. or maybe a little road trip to Inverness to visit The Outlander scenary… It would all depend on where in the world you are located and how good you are at researching to find that special spot near you..


Yes, I know that not everyone can afford little trips like those.. I understand how living on a budget can be, and there’s also the lighter alternative to this option… Just try to find that quaint coffee shop/ Bookstore near you .. You must know “that” it’s our perfect spot.. and coffee our bookish drink of choice (most of the time)

Staying at Home

If you don’t want to face the hustle and bustle of the streets, there’s always the choice to stay at home and watch that favorite book to movie adaptation (even if it’s not truly your thing — remember this is not about you ).. Just a relaxing time at home..

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There’s also a perfect alternative for those in a longterm relationship and that is “the quiet me time” — Let’s face it, life is hectic and it’s always very hard for us booklovers to make time for our reading (we are geniuses at that) So, offering a few hours or maybe even a whole afternoon all to ourselves while our significant other takes care of our chores would be the most amazing date day ever… There’s always another chance to celebrate later right??

Hope you guys agree with my suggestions and feel free to add more… Ideas on these subjects are always good to know…

As Always

Happy Reading


One thought on “A Bookworm’s Perfect Date

  1. I love this! I feel like doing a relaxing activity with a person you enjoy spending time with is always enjoyable. Sometimes an adventure is called for, but usually a nice simple trip to a bookstore or a walk in the park can be really enjoyable! I know that on trips I’ve gone on with friends, I’ve loved going to bookstores with them and browsing and reading with them in a chill and comfortable way

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