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#Romanceopoly February Update

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Whe I decided to participate in this year long challenge I knoew that I was going to begin strong (it’s what usually happens with my challenges) but let us hope that I continue with as good rythm as I’m having so far… I have completed one side of the board and it’s been only two months (we are already two months into  2019 somebody stop the time please)

Anyway, some books have been okay and some have been awesome… but that is to be expected. What i have enjoyed a lot it’s that I have chosen books that have been on my TBR for ages, so it has helped me out with tackling a bit of the backlist too.. but let me just get into an overview of the challenges and books that I completed for february…

This is how my board is looking so far..


  • Growing Pains Place – Read a Young Adult Book (fantasy or Contemporary)

I chose A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer – It was better than I had anticipated, I love beauty and the beast retellings in general but this one had its own flare .. a solid 4 star read.

  • Mystery Challege (Fated Mates)

For this one I went with Primal Possession by Katie Reus (3 Stars) It was an okay shifter book.. I have had this series on my tablet for a looong time and have only read the first one, so it was great to get back into this world for a while…

  • Memory Lane – Read a Historical Fiction Novel

I went with An Assassin’s Guide To Love and Treason by Virginia Boecker (3 stars) The whole Historical aspect of this book was amazing… so very interesting and detailied but the actual story lack emotion for me… I just wasn’t feeling what I should have…

  • Women’s Avenue – Read a Women’s Fiction Novel

I picked Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren (4 stars) This book is great.. the pacing, the relationships, even the bad decisions that they make are so relatable (upsetting) but relatable.. I loved it.

  • The Dungeon – Read a book with a hero in prison or who is an ex-con – OR –
    Read a book on UTC’s or PLB’s Book Boyfriends List.

I went with Kill Switch by Penelope Douglas (4 stars) I freaking love this book like I knew I was going to (it was one of my anticipated reads for this year) and if you want my full take on it check out my review here.

So far, so good.. with my Romanceopoly Challenge… if you still haven’t check it out I think you still have time to do so.. go over to and join us in the fun..

As Always

Happy Reading



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