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Lending Books.. OMG The Horror!!

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Quite a few years ago (way back in the past) when I was a starry-eyed book girl.. I used to do this a lot with my friends.. sharing books, that is (or should I say more like me lending books than me receiving them) I thought it was the best way to share my love for a particular author and get some of my friends into reading .. or just into the things I was reading and loving… I can see now that I was so naive, because when reality came crashing down on me it came with a huge splash… And I’m not talking about a metaphorical splash… I mean A huge splash in the middle of one of my favorite books (liquid of origin yet to be determined)..

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This was the beginning of the end for my book lending days and the birth of my CIA level of application when you dare to ask if you can borrow a book from me… I don’t understand how people can sometimes be so careless with things in general that have been borrowed from someone else… But It’s exponentially worse if you know that person very well and you know how much they value and treasure those things.. (in this case I’m talking about books)

How can you return it stained, with bent pages, cracked spines, wet (yep! that happened to me) and even with missing pages… All of the above was at some point experienced by one or more of my books back in the day… And that’s not all, what makes my head spin as if I was on the Exorcist movie it’s that there’s no apology.. just a Ooops!! .. I get that accidents do happen and I’m not an unforgiving  monster but at least there should be the good nature of offering to replaced the damaged book or at least a lengthy grovelly apology…


But it’s okay, I got over most of that awful trauma (and that poor book lending girl died a horrible death) She’s now so very happy to have mostly E-books that in order to let friends read them I either have to buy their own copy as a gift or just point them in the right direction so they can get them themselves… (I also got more understanding bookish friends.. that did helped).. As for the few physical books that I do own and consider sharing with someone… well.. let’s just say that it takes a written and an oral evaluation plus the regular background check… no biggie just a standard screening process…

 Hope this post about a horrible fact of our bookish life brought a smile to your face — even if it’s a hurtful reality we can still joke about it…What about you guys?? Are still generous bookish people or are you just like me bitter by the experience and quite the little drama queen??

As Always

Happy Reading



3 thoughts on “Lending Books.. OMG The Horror!!

  1. I only lend to friends who are really careful with books. But that means they are bookish people and have TBR piles of their own, so I don’t get my books back for half a or year or longer….

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  2. This post brought a smile to my face!

    I’ve been in similar situations. I rarely lend out books, but when I do it’s to people I trust with a lengthy lists of “do”s and “don’t”s that they need to follow. I also always include a bookmark to ensure no one every feels the need to dog-ear a page. It got to the point where one of my friends gave me a bookmark that has a list of rules to follow while being lent a book! 😂

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