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Mini Reviews – Luna and the Lie, Filthy Gods


Once again I’m taking advantage of the snack size reviews in order to stop the procrastinating beast and actually review some of the books I have been reading… This time around I have two conflicting reviews… so stick around while I try to make sense of the mess they left me in…

42883009Title: Luna and the Lie

Author: Mariana Zapata

Standalone Romance


My Review

I’m a huge fan of Mariana Zapata writing style… I always enjoy the pacing of her stories, it’s just like watching life as it happens… every little detail and nuance.. family matters, relationships developing (no wonder she’s the queen of the slow burn romances)… This book had all that.. and I love it…

However, I had two main issues with this story… one I Know it’s my own and no fault of the author… and it’s that Luna (our main girl) reminded me so much of me at some point —  always trying to look on the bright side of things no matter how bad they got… and avoiding confrontation until things literally just blow up… that struck a chord because I wanted to slap some sense into her (just like I do with myself at times)… So, to be honest I’m still not sure if this is a bad thing or not…

As for my other issue was with Rip (our main guy) he was so annoyingly closed off… I loved the times when he was trying to be sweet in his own weird way but I need it a little more emotion from him .. just what I got in the end which I guess was the whole point…

I still enjoyed the book as I knew I would… So, if you want a sweet life story about moving on and trying to be better despite the odds against you.. check this one out..

Foto 10-11-17 4 12 47 p.m.

39296064Title: Filthy Gods

Author: R. Scarlett

Prequel to the American Gods Series

New Adult Romance


My Review

I have an issue with novellas… I never get all I want from them it very rare that I do enjoy one and this wasn’t the exception… It’s still Okay but it had so much more potential in my opinion… I guess I had too high expectations for it… I thought I would be getting  an alpha like kind of guy with a dark side because this book is an introduction to The American Gods series about a secret society (rich people and their twisted shenanigans) But instead what I got was a love-sick guy who was obsessed with a girl that I didn’t like at all… Actually she was my main issue with this whole book… I didn’t believe her motivations, I didn’t connect with her struggle… at all… I’m still curious about the actual series because of what little we did get from the characters that are going to be a part of that so, I might check it out once it comes out… maybe…

Have you read any of these books?? Did you love or hate them?? Let me know in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading



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