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The Breakfast Club Book Tag

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80’s and 90’s movies are an addiction of mine.. The Breakfast Club, St Elmo’s Fire, Clueless, She’s all That.. I just love them.. no matter how much time passes and how evident it is that they don’t age that well (diferent times, different struggles) Watching them makes me happy, So I chose one of my faves in tag form… Thank you Bibliomanic Bookworm

for creating this tag… Let’s jump right in, cue the music… (you know which song I mean)…


A book that is very popular and pretty on the outside, but you thought was uninteresting on the inside.


The Clash of Kingdom series by Erin Summerill .. I love these covers but I can’t get into the books for some reason, and I have tried…


A book that looks/sounds rough and bad, but ended up completely stealing your heart.


The Devil’s Night series by Penelope Douglas.. I freaking adore these books but I know many people think they are problematic, and with lots of triggers (they are dark romances) But they are just my Jam..


A book that made you think.

I have said this before, all (or most of them) the books I read made me think, even if it is just a small quote that touches my heart, or maybe a situation which I can relate to… even if it’s an annoying character making me think why he/she frustrastes me so…

Basket Case

A book that people would call you crazy for reading.

I don’t think I have that kind of book, I do get the usual comment of “how can you read that??” but it’s not because I’m the crazy one it’s the other part that it’s a judgemental piece of work…LOL


A book that made you struggle/work to finish.


Brit with the Pink Hair by  Rebekah N. Bryan .. I just couldn’t with this book.. I don’t even know how I managed to finish it.. I was putting it down so often .. and it isn’t a big or complicated book, it’s just that I didn’t like it..

This has been my tribute to the Breakfast Club, hope you like my answers and if you want to go ahead and do this tag feel free to.. just don’t forget to tag me so I can see your answers…

As Always

Happy Reading


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