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Mini Reviews – Boys Of Brayshaw High and Broken Hill High


Hello fellow bookworms! I’m back with another round of Mini Reviews (these ones seem to work for me a little better Than the usual longer review — I’ll leave those for my all time gushing I guess or for a terrible rant .. we’ll see ) This time around I have two very similar books in concept but so very different in reality… One I Loved, the other was a huge let down…

I was in the mood for Teen Drama with a new adult feel after reading Kill Switch (that’s how I deal with Book Hangovers basically.. look for similar books to read) And foun these books, both have the entitled kids that bully the main girl (who doesn’t take their crap) kind of deal.. and I was on board with that…

39778773Title: Boys of Brayshaw High

Author: Meagan Brandy

1st book in the Brayshaw High Series

New Adult, High School, Romance


My Review

First, this book has a lot of triggers.. violence, drugs, bullying… and it also has some editing issues so if you cannot deal with that just skip this all together.. But if you are looking for something with a Bully or Fallen Crest High feel.. you are in the right place… just suspend your disbelief and dive in..

This book worked for me, it was entertaining and it delivered exactly what I was looking for which was over the top drama and intrigue.. It was even a little darker than I anticipated … We have 3 entitled rich kids that control the town they live in, and of course we have the tough unlike any other girl there, that just arrived in town.. I liked the dark undertone in Raven’s personality.. you certainly get why she is so guarded, distrusting and at times downright hostile.. She needed to protect herself since she was little.. that made up for an interesting development once she gets entangled with the boys…

What I didn’t like was Maddoc’s personality (or more like lack of it) we hear so much about how he is a badass, protective of his brothers and such but for a Dual perspective book I found him lacking.. I didn’t get him… at least not as much as I thought I would… I even prefered Raven’s interaction with the other guys than with Maddoc… I didn’t feel them as a couple, it was forced for me, at least until way into the book, however issues and all i still enjoyed the story and I’m curious to know what happens next because it ends on a cliffhanger so, be warned…

Foto 10-11-17 4 12 47 p.m.

43691132Title: Broken Hill High

Author: Sheridan Anne

1st in the Broken Hill High series

New Adult, High School Romance


My Review

To be honest I’m even now rethinking my rating of this book… I think 2 stars it’s better… Like I mentioned before I was looking for a very specific type of book and on paper this one click all the boxes but once I did started reading it failed miserably… And it made me sad because it had potential and interesting topics to develop but… it felt like it was trying to hard to be something than it ended up just being a miss match of things thrown into a blender… that is my best explanation for the plot in this book… I hated the main girl (and I can’t even remember her name).. she was spoiled, silly and even if she had potentially and interesting story — she was dealing with an eating disorder — it was all so shallowly put together than it misses the mark..

As for Nate (hey points for me at remembering the guy’s name) I think I was sold something he wasn’t… kind of like false advertising… The writing was a little immature and I’m usually not so nitpicky about this sort of thing but it got on my nerves.. It doesn’t quite end on a cliffhanger but I’m not reading anymore of this series…

There you have it guys one good and one not so good .. but that’s how things go in our book world.. Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them in the comments below…

As Always

Happy Reading





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