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#Romanceopoly Update – March 2019

Foto 19-3-19 4 52 43 p.m.

It’s time for another #Romanceopoly Update… By the time I’m writing this there are still at least 10 days left of March but since I haven’t been having the best of luck this Month.. I decided to skip ahead and let you guys know how I’m doing.. so far… and what I hope to accomplish for the rest of the month…

Here we go..

My reading has been all over the place.. I actually started with the last book I had chosen for my board challenge and made my way backwards (kind of) That was until the Blackout hit and I was left without a way to charge my tablet and therefore, no reading was done.. But thankfully everything is almost back to normal (OH GOD PLEASE!!)

I had originally planned to tackle 5 of the “Streets” and so far I’ve only done 3 .. My hope is to finish the other 2 in the 10 days I have left, so, we’ll see..

Foto 20-3-19 3 46 58 p.m.
This is how my board looks like.. so far.

Books Read:

College Row – Read a new adult book set in college:

  • The Learning Hours by Sara Ney (4 stars)

This was amazing, so much fun and I love the unusual take of the unatractive Hero.. He was so clueless and adorable..

Freedom Friars – Read an adult LGBT romance:

  • Dark Space by Lisa Henry (3.5 Stars)

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I picked up this book… It surprise me with the character development, the relationships, and all its dark undertones.. this isn’t for everyone that’s for sure ..

Sweet Street – Read a sweet or small town contemporary romance:

  • Tattered by Devney Perry (3 Stars)

I love the small town feel and the familial relationships of this whole series but in this one there was something that I didn’t quite believe from the main love story… that was my biggest issue…

Books Yet To Read: (I hope I get to them by the end of the month)

LGBT Lane – Read a new adult LGBT romance:

  • Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

I’m currently loving this one…

Bus – Read a book where the character(s) have to go on a journey which involves travel (this includes fantasy)

  • Shadow of The Fox by Julie Kagawa

There you go guys.. not quite as succesful as my first two updates but not horrible either… I’m hanging in there.. In case you still don’t know what Romanceopoly is I urge you to visit this site ROMANCEOPOLY.COM there you will find everything on what it is, how to participate, who’s involved… So go ahead and join the fun..

As Always

Happy Reading



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