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March 2019 Reading Wrap Up – The Month from Hell

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Wow, guys this past March kicked me while I was down and just kept on going… every little thing that could go wrong went wrong.. and even my wrap up is late… like really late… I just hope that things pick up a bit and let’s just get down to the goodness of reading (even though it was struggle I still did okay for the most part) enough depressing talk and just books… lovely and life saving books..

I read 15 books this past March which was awesome with all that was going on with me… funny thing though I started really strong with my TBR but then got derailed completely… and I just threw my plans out the window which worked okay because 15 books!! YAY!!


I’m being very diligent with this challenge (too dilligent I dare say) It was the one that I did complete its TBR for March.. I had 5 books on my list and read them all..

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  • The Learning Hours by Sara Ney – 4 Stars
  • Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa – 4 Stars
  • Autoboyography by Christina Lauren – 4 Stars
  • Dark Space by Christina Henry – 3 Stars
  • Tattered by Devney Perry – 3.5 Stars

I loved most of these books, they were the highlights of my reading month..

The Ultimate Reading Challenge

I was supposed to read a Fantasy book for this challenge and I almost didn’t get to read the one I hoped to… but I did in the end and thank good for it because I loved it..


  • Sherwood by Meaghan Spooner

The A to Z Reading Challenge 

This is where things went haywire… I only read one of the books I was planning for this particular challenge and I know that it doesn’t really matter as long as I get the letter that it’s missing but I just didn’t want to write reviews or anything like that (plus I couldn’t even upload them if I wanted to — ) Anyway, March was a flopped for this challenge…

Random Books

As I have been saying it wasn’t a great month in terms of everyday life for me and it affected my reading I was just looking for mindless.. not too deep books and it led me to a group of not quite great reads… but then it picked up and I managed to finish with a bang —

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  • Over the Falls by Jordan Falls – 3 Stars
  • Overture by Skye Warren – 2 Stars
  • Work in Progress by Satci Hart – 2 Stars
  • Broken Hill High by Sheridan Anne – 2 Stars
  • Fae’s Captive, Road to Winter and Bite of Winter by Lily Archer – 3 Stars
  • Boys of Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandi – 3.5 Stars
  • The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros – 5 Stars

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So there you have it guys, my March from hell reading wrap up… I know it wasn’t that bad but let me tell you that it wasn’t easy either… I’m also working on getting back to my spreading the bloggere love portion of my wrap ups .. just hang in there it’s coming back soon…

If you want me to do a in-depth review on any of this books just let me know in the comments below (whether good or bad) I’ll be sure to give you my honest impression.. How was your March?? 

As Always

Happy Reading





5 thoughts on “March 2019 Reading Wrap Up – The Month from Hell

  1. Yay for 15 books! Shadow of the Fox is still on my wish list (I did finally finish the Talon series this year) and I love Kagawa’s writing. Autoboyagraphy is also on my TBR and I have a copy here to read. Glad to see you enjoyed these two books.

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