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#Romanceopoly April Update — I got sidetracked…

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Hello there guys! I can’t believe that April is almost over and .. now I have another Romanceopoly update to give… I was supposed to (which truly means that I wanted to) participate in the first readathon that took place on the 8th… but my life is a mess and even though I did a couple of post on instagram on what I was reading I just couldn’t keep up… (By the way go follow my account on Instagram I do try to keep with my challenges more there and on Twitter.. so let’s be friends on Social media!!)

Anyway, back to the Update… I had a good plan.. I have been doing really well with my romanceopoly Challenge (Click here to find out what romanceopoly is if you still live under a rock.. just kidding) but April was my squirreling month… I was all over the place, changing books left and right… I can’t complain because I did read what I wanted (all five spaces are done) and I managed to pick up a few series I haven’t read and I got stuck with them..(in a good way)

Let’s get to it..

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  • Library – Free Choice – Read ANY book you want! — Meet Cute by Helena Hunting — This book wasn’t quite what I expected but I loved it… a solid 4 stars for me, a little more on the serious side than it comes across with that cover but a great read.
  • Bad Boy Circus – Read a contemporary romance with a bad boy hero or bad gal heroine — This was the jumping galore… I started 3 or 4 books for this challenge but ended up reading The Silver Swan by Amo Jones and it was the best thing I could have done.. another 4 stars read but it’s a holy s%·” of a dark romance so not for everyone…
  • Erotic Eaves – Read a smoking hot erotic contemporary romance — Another one that gave me trouble because I wasn’t really in the mood for an erotica.. but I settled for Rush by Maya Banks .. it was an okay 3 stars read for me with a few eye rolling moments thrown in there..
  • Fire Station – Read a book with a firefighter hero/heroine – OR –
    Read an ON FIRE HOT erotic romance (can be other than contemporary) — I went the firefighter route and read Muffin Top by Avery Flynn… 3 stars… can you like and hate a character at the same time?? That’s what I felt with this one… Lucy was annoying to me at times even if I did liked some of her character traits and understood others…
  • Warrior’s Way – Paranormal Romance – Read a paranormal romance that involves a band of warriors — I read one that was on my TBR and hated it so much that I decided to change my pick… I went with Blood Oath by Raye Wagner (4 stars) and let’s just say that I was hooked and ended up finishing the whole trilogy .. more about it on my wrap up…

So this was my Update in a nut shell, I’m still going strong with my challenge even with a few ups and downs… and I love that I have been able to read books that I’ve had in my TBR for years!!! Literally…

So what about you?? Have you read any of this books?? Are you participating in Romanceopoly?? Let me know all about your progress in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading


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