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April 2019 Reading Wrap Up — The Okay Month

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After my sucky March I was dubious but hopeful of having a better month all around (not only reading wise) and I’m getting there… albeit slowly but I’m trying… No major blackouts so far (very big plus there) but let’s get down to the reading which is what brings you here ( I hope??) …

I had a good solid TBR planned but I went all over the place with it — and I don’t regret it one bit… I managed to tackled a total of 15 books and did mostly okay with my yearly challenges…Let’s break this sucker down..


I’m the most amazing over achiever with this challenge.. (if you want a bit more info about what this challenge is and the books I read go here) I completed all 5 spots even if I didn’t quite read what I had planned … Moody reader guys!!

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  • Blood Oath by Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare (4 Stars)
  • Meet Cute by Helena Hunting (4 Stars)
  • The Silver Swan by Amo Jones (3.5 Stars)
  • Rush by Maya Banks (3 Stars)
  • Muffin Top by Avery Flynn (3 Stars)

Not Bad, and the funny thing is that a couple of these books sparked a chain binge reading galore in me.. We’ll get to that in a minute..

The Ultimate Reading Challenge

I’m so bad with the reviews I need to do for this challenge but I do read what i’m supposed to, which for this month was a Re-read…


  • Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren (4 Stars) I still love this book as much as the first time I read it… So much steamy goodness…

The A to Z Reading Challenge

This is the one I’m failing pretty spectacularly… not because I’m not reading the books but because I’m kind of in a reviewing slump.. So, I don’t really have updates here…

Random Reads

36525947 33846747._SY180_ Dragon wings isolated on white background. Close up. Dragon wings isolated on white background. Close up.

  • Savages by Natalie Bennett (2 Stars) – I like Dark Romances and twisted stories but this one was too much for me… I just couldn’t deal with it..
  • Wings of Stones by J. D. Monroe (2 Stars) I’m a sucker for Books about Dragons and dragon’s Shifters but this was so freaking boring… I didn’t like the characters, didn’t like the story and I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that there were dragons…
  • Shadow Wings and Black Crown by Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare (3.5 and 4 stars) After begining this series I just needed to know what happened next… I was literally hooked..

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  • Broken Puppet, Tacet a Mortuis and Malum part 1 by Amo Jones (3, 4 and 4 stars) Just like the one above I was just so very intrigued by this twisted world…
  • Praying for Rain by B. B. Easton (3 stars) This book had suh a unique idea… It’s a dystopic world but we are just in the begining stages of it… but there was something missing…
  • Beyond the Mountain by Lily Archer (3 Stars) Just finishing a series I started lasdt month and it was an easy quick read about Fae shenanigans..

43580973.jpg 44064905.jpg

  • My Life in Shambles by Karina Halle (4 stars) I waited a long while for this book to come out (it was pushed back a couple of times) but the wait was so very worth it… This story hits you right in the feels and doesn’t let you go… The perfect way to finish my reading this April..

Blogger love

And one of my favorite sections in my wrap up is back… I was finally able to sit down and browse through my fellow bloggers content to find this gems and share with all of you… go check them out ASAP..

Discussion: Are romance readers subpar readers? And romance writers subpar writers? – Beware of the Reader

This posts by Sophie hits me close to home because I have been discusing the same thing … why are we so judgy about Romance as a genre??

Blog Posts Ideas – Ginger Mom and company

Great help for newbie and not so newbie Bloggers..


I always enjoy post about blogging related advice and this was awesome.. very detailed and helpful..


This posts certainly got me thinking, hope it does the same to you..

Discussion Post | Is it Edgy to Hate on the FSOG trilogy in the Book Community? – Books and Blends

A post that talks about how we have make it popular to hate on certain authors or genres just for the heck of it…

This was April in a  Reading Nutshell, How was your reading month? Let me know all about it in the comments below…

As Always

Happy Reading




10 thoughts on “April 2019 Reading Wrap Up — The Okay Month

  1. I love seeing bloggers showcasing other bloggers 🙂 We’re trying to keep it a weekly thing on our blog. And I’m so glad that you liked our blog post ideas. Also, don’t worry about the challenge – we’re epic failing, too. Mostly because neither one of us have been reading LOL. Looks like you had a good month and I hope May is great 🙂


  2. 15 books is really a great month of reading. I really enjoy your brief summaries for each book pictured here to give me an idea of why you liked or didn’t like a book.


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