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The Darkest Drae By Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare — Series Review

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Series: The Darkest Drae Trilogy

Authors: Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare

Fantasy Romance Young Adult

  • Blood Oath
  • Shadow Wings
  • Black Crown

My Review


Gorgeous covers are always a plus

First and foremost.. there are dragon shifters here and have I mentioned before how much of a sucker I am for Dragon books? I am, I am positively trash for them… Of course this one caught my eye, and I’m glad it did.. I certainly enjoyed them much more than I thought I would (I practically devoured all three books in two days.. no joke) 

Was it the greatest story ever written? No, but it has something that makes you want to keep reading regardless of its flaws… It does get better as it goes along the three books, so look forward to that..

Dragon wings isolated on white background. Close up.

What I didn’t like about it was how immature the MC was, I get that she is young and she is discovering things about her that will turn her life upside down but still she was a little too naïve at times and so very reckless then again I should be used to the impulsive girl in YA fantasy but it doesn’t stop her from being annoying).. On the plus side she gets a little tamer as the books go on… mostly…

The premise of the books was good even if it has some hit and misses when it comes to execution.. some things were to over the top (like keeping your Hero bedridden for half of book 2 — sorry I just needed to rant about it) and others lack a bit of emotion behind them..

Dragon wings isolated on white background. Close up.

I loved  Lord Irrik but then again I’m mush when it comes to the tortured hero who is a little morally gray… And he is perfect, and I do mean perfect in every way.. the way he acts towards the MC, his patient, his willingness to let her be herself despite his upbringing and instincts (He Is a Dragon shifter after all) I truly love his character…

Another thing that I found truly engrossing and it was probably what kept me hooked for a good chunk of the books was the world building… It’s truly vivid and interesting, I was even left wanting to know more about the side characters and their stories and about the over all History of the Dragons…

I would recommend this series if you want something fast to read that you don’t have to think too hard about with action and romance and Dragons… let’s not forget the dragons.. LOL… But I would insist on the fact that it should be a binge read… i think the reader gets more enjoyment of the series as a whole than for the books separately…

As Always

Happy Reading




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