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How to Read More — The Unhealthy Way

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Hello Guys! How have you been? I’m back with a pretty helpful post for you (not really… or maybe it will depend on how serious and commited you are). I just read “I Fear Big Books and I cannot Lie” by the lovely ladies over Paper procrastinators … and Chana has already read 100 books… WHAT??? .. HOW???… Is she for real?? or maybe she’s a robotic reading machine (Sorry Chana)…

I don’t know but it did got me thinking on how we can read more and meet not only our yearly goal but leave it in the dust… Of course, as with every intense program some sacrifices have to be made so bear that in mind…


  • First, reschedule all our activities around reading… We can always sneak a few pages at work, and as long as we stay hydrated we don’t need to take a lot of time for eating… in fact we can always skip a meal or two in order to cram more pages in… It might even help us in losing weight so it’s like two birds with one stone..
  • Ignore the people around, we know that they just want to bug you with meaningless things like chores and responsibilities and who has time for that when we need to catch up that very long series we have neglected, Right?
  • Forget about going out for any reason… home is where our heart is.. and by heart I mean our books, staying indoors to read is the way to go…
  • As for sleep… Who really needs that… just sneak a few minutes here and there in order to shut off your brain and not go insane like truly insane).. After that we have all that time free to read…

I’m sure we’ll see a great improvement in our reading stats if we carry out these tactics.. and I’m also positive that you know I’m joking right?… Please, I know how much we love to read but this ridiculous notions are just for fun… Or aren’t they???

Let me know in the comments below your tips for reading more… no matter how ludicrous…LOL

As Always

Happy Reading


6 thoughts on “How to Read More — The Unhealthy Way

  1. I feel attacked 😮😂.
    I’ve definitely been told off on multiple occasions for not paying attention to people around me. Also, who really needs sleep anyways? “I can sleep when I’m dead” is my motto when I don’t want to put a book down at night 😅.

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