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Do Readers Really Know What They Want?


Hello guys! I have a 50% rant 50% reflection for you today… As the question in the title says… my point on this point is wondering if we (because I’m throwing myself in the fire as well) as readers truly know what we want from our books…

I know what you are thinking, Duh! of course I know what I want why else would I pick up a book to read, right? And yet … that’s not quite true, we chose books for multiple reasons, cover buys, recommendations, hype.. and of course those books that sound like something we might be into… So far everything is fine and dandy.. The conflict starts after reading and it’s time for reviewing… that’s when my little questions pops up..

I’m the kind of reader that enjoys checking out reviews before picking up a book (if it’s not one of my go to authors, or if the book is over hyped) and here’s where I came across the conundrum of what do we really want… It’s funny how you can easily find contradicting statements about the same book or complains about something lacking in one story and then the same complain about why that happen in another…

Let me be a little more clear… It’s something like: “This book sucks because all the characters lived and it’s not realistic” (that’s a valid point, right?) but then the same person complains “Why did he/she had to kill (character name) He/she should have survive.. it’s not fair and I hate it”….


Do you see where I’m going with this? How can we demand something be “realistic” and in the next breath complain because it’s “too real” … It’s insanity, and obviously proves that we have no clue what we really want..

And I know, that tastes, and reviews, are all subjective.. I’m very aware of that, in fact it’s what I try to emphasis on my reviews (they are just my opinions on a subject) That’s why I find troublesome whe we disregard a book, saying it’s awful, and noone should read “that crap”… just because things didn’t play out like we thought they should at that time… or there wasn’t enough deaths, or maybe it was too happy, or who knows what…

That’s not fair criticism in my opinion… it’s not the same as saying that there were editing mistakes.. or a weird flow of the storyline… or problems with character development… those are a little more balanced ways to point out the flaws in a book… and not just saying that it’s bad just because you didn’t like it..

I don’t think we have a clue of what we really want because we are fickle creatures by nature and what we love today… most likely will bore us tomorrow (or the other way around) So, we shouldn’t be so high and mighty while judging a book that might suck for us but it could be the greatest book ever for another… even for ourselves if enough time passes…(I have been there people, it has happened to me)

That’s it for this ranting self-reflection… What do you guys think? Let me know if you agree or disagree with me in the comments below…

As Always

Happy Reading





4 thoughts on “Do Readers Really Know What They Want?

  1. I think it has to do with each specific book. Some plots lend themselves to drama and danger and so you expect the stakes to be high and someone to die, for example. While other books are not very high stakes as so if the main character dies, it can feel unnecessary. I don’t think that anyone should ever hate on a book, but I do understand that people get frustrated when their expectations aren’t met!

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