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Highlighting My Favorite Author – Penelope Douglas

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Hello everyone, I’m back with another of my awesome favorite writers ever…. I started reading her books back in 2013 when she first came out with Bully… and guys I was so very addicted to that book that it was a no brainer that I would read anything that fell in my hands by her.. and she hasn’t disappointed me yet… Who is She? none other than… Drum Rolls… (as if you didn’t know from the title..hehehe)

Penelope Douglas

61422_2If you are looking for vivid writing .. and I’m not kidding, reading one of her books is just like watching a movie… her imagery it’s incredible.. and she has the most twisted heroes that you can’t get enough of (no matter how irredeemable they seem, I guarantee you will be rooting for them all the same)… She has a knack for the forbidden/hate to love stories that will keep you hooked to her books from page one..

If you haven’t check out any of her books yet, first, I will ask you what the heck are you doing with your life?? and then I’ll tell you to go and grab either Punk 57, Bully, Corrupt or Birthday Girl… These are my top favorites from her.. and picking favorites here was a hassle because I love all of her books..

Fall Away Series

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  • Bully (2013)
  • Until You (2013)
  • Rival (2014)
  • Falling Away (2015)
  • Aflame (2015)
  • Adrenaline (2016)
  • Next to Never (2017)
  • The Next Flame (2017)

Devil’s Night Series

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  • Corrupt (2015)
  • Hideaway (2017)
  • Kill Switch (2019)
  • Nightfall (2019) …fingers crossed… but I think it’s coming on (2020)


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  • Misconduct (2015)
  • Punk 57 (2016)
  • Birthday Girl (2018)
  • Motel (2019)

Coming Soon

Hellbent Series

  • Fall Boys (2020)
  • Pirate Girls (TBA)
  • Quiet Ones (TBA)
  • Night Thieves (TBA)
  • Fire Falls (TBA)
  • Parade Alley (TBA)

If you want to find her online which you should because she’s the coolest… She’s very active on social media particularly on Facebook and Instagram where she has the funniest post about horror movies and such (no wonder I like her books so much)






I hope that I got you interested in checking out some of her books because I’m sure you won’t regret it at all…

As Always

Happy Reading




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