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Dilemmas Of A Book Nerd Tag

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I found this tag on my Booktube watch and it sounded great.. because we do have so many dilemmas in our poor little bookish life…LOL… Go check out Steph’s Channel she’s awesome and loves romance just like me Steph’sRomance Book Talk …Let’s get to the tag..

Dilemma #1: Book Storage – How do you store and organize your books?

Most of my book (dare I say 85% of them) are E-books, so there’s not much organizing I do other than put them in folders by author… I used to put them in order of series and such but I’m lazy guys and it’s too much work… Now that I think about it this might be the reason so many of my books get lost in the unread limbo… #bookwormdilemmas

Dilemma #2: Tracking – How do you keep track of what you have read and what books you own?

I use Goodreads for the books I read and my monthly TBR and I have a Bullet Journal for it also… so, I guess that’s how I kind of keep track…

Dilemma #3: Borrow – Do you lend your books out?

Absolutely not… Unless the person goes through a CIA like procedure… and threats, lots of threats… Eventually, they don’t want to ask me for the book (I don’t get it…LOL)

Dilemma #4: Buying – How do you buy or acquire your books?

Sales… and gifts mostly… As for where… Online… that’s what works in my case for reasons I don’t want to get depressed about…

Dilemma #5: Comments – How do you respond to the “How do you read so much” comment or similar comments?

How do you not?? or just a stink evil eye stare…

Dilemma #6: Next Book – How do you pick your next read?

Through Recs, Booktube, if a favorite author has a book coming out, or just if I see something appealing… I don’t have a foolproof method..

Dilemma #7: Travel – How do you pick what book(s) you bring on vacation with you?

Vacation?? What is that?? I don’t travel much, again for reason too depressing to explain but I guess I would just bring my tablet with ALL the books… best way ever..

Dilemma #8: Annotate – Do you write or highlight or mark up your books in any way?

Not really, I always have my journal handy and I guess I’m old school like that…

Dilemma #9: New or Backlist – Which do you prefer, new releases or backlist books?

Moody reader here.. so it doesn’t matter as long as I’m in the mood for it

Dilemma #10: Sequels – Do you read books as they are released or wait for an entire series to be published before reading 1 book?

Both, there are book series that I’m just salivating for the next book (which is torture by the way) and there are others that I just want to collect and binge read….

These were my Book nerd dilemmas hope you had fun reading them and don’t forget to tag me if you chose to share yours…

As Always

Happy Reading


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