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May 2019 Reading Wrap up – the Best Reading Bloggaversary

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Oh My God! Guys I can’t believe I read 21 books this month… Yay!! Maybe I was motivated because of my Bloggaversary or who knows…. the truth is I’m speechless, it had been quite a while since I had read that much and granted not all were the greatest books ever written but I found some new favorites and added to my auto buy author’s list… So it was a great reading month…

Since I have so many books to discuss let’s jump right in..


I was a little squirrely with my challenge this month. I didn’t even give an update of the challenge — To be Honest I was in a mood and the books I had chosen for it weren’t that appealing to me, and yet I completed 3 out of the 5 I wanted so it was okay … and as a bonus the ones I did read a liked a lot so I can’t complain…

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  • Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa — 4 stars — This wasn’t the book I had originally chosen for the Creature Crescent spot but this was such a great book and it’s about Fae so it fits the prompt (even if it’s part of a series and now I need to read them all) I loved the Bargainer and her relationship with our main heroine — I love me some good angst…
  • Through the White Woods by Jessica Leake — 3.5 Stars — This was my pick for Magic Row … I’m a sucker for books about elemental magic (no wonder Avatar the last Airbender it’s one of my favorite animated series) This book was an adventure… I truly enjoyed the setting ( it has a lot of Slavic folklore in it) and the magic system.. However it was predictable… there weren’t any surprises you could pretty much guess what was going to happen.. but it was fun and easy to get into so I liked it…
  • The China Bride by Mary Jo Putney — 3 Stars — This was My Courtesan choice for the Mystery Challenge … After reading this book I realized two things.. one it’s a little of stretch as far as the Courtesan bit (but I’m going with it) and Second, I don’t know what’s happening with me and Historical romances lately — I enjoy all the History and the atmosphere of them but the actual stories … not so much .. with this I was fascinated about the chinese folklore, the little bits of martial arts we see (Tai Chi) but as for the relationship between the characters .. I found it annoying, it only picked up for me at the last bit of the book…

#Ultimate Reading Challenge

The prompt for this month was to read a book with a one word title and I read 2 … which were among the new favorites I talked about before…

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  • Method by Kate Stewart — 5 Stars — This book was simply perfection, the pacing, the characters, the story… just go here to see me gushing all about it..
  • Repeat by Kylie Scott — 4 Stars — I always enjoy Kylie Scott’s writing, it’s so uncomplicated and fun to read… even when it deals with themes like this one  (starting over your life from scratch… literally)

The A To Z Reading Challenge

I’m still awfully failing at this challenge because I need to put together the reviews for the books I have read for it… so, I’m admitting defeat and I won’t be updating anymore until I get organized with it… hopefully soon…( hangs head in shame…)

Anticipated and Random Reads

Okay, let’s dive in to the huge list of books left….

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  • Filthy Rich Boys – Bad Blue Bloods – The Envy of Idols by C. M. Stunich — 3 Stars, 3.5 Stars, 3 Stars — I mentioned earlier that I was in a mood this month and this books were my Jam — I was looking for the assholish characters and the girl who gets revenge on them.. and these were perfect for it — just be warned that you need to go with the flow and not take everything too seriously while reading these..
  • No Man Can Tame by Miranda Hornfleur — 2.5 Stars — One of my favorite books is Radiance by Grave Draven and I was very interested in this book after reading the sinopsys but it’s so much of a rip off from that book… it was so dissapointing, that I was struggling to finish it..
  • Pretty Reckless by L. J. Shen — 3.5 Stars — L. J. Shen it’s one of those authors that could be either a hit or miss with me… gladly this was  hit, it’s so ver angsty and over the top but still fun… the one thing that bothered me a little bit was the way they talked… it was a bit much at times…

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  • Zanaikeyros by Tessa Dawn — 2 Stars — This had been my original pick for one of the romanceopoly challenges and I’m so happy that I didn’t add it there because this book bore me to tears.. It was so slow and unnecessarily complicated… I hardly made myself finish it.
  • The Bride Test by Helen Hoang — 4.5 Stars — Another new favorite… I knew I was going to over this book and I was so very right.. if you want more gushing just click here
  • Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik — 4 Stars –– I’m not usually into sci/fi but if it’s just like this book with a conspiracy, space chasing, and a great steamy romance sign me up…
  • A Five Minute Life by Emma Scott — 4.5 Stars — It’s an Emma Scott book, so need I say more? It’s emotional, heart warming, and just plain awesome…
  • Broken Wings – Broken Trust by Jaymin Eve and Tate James – 3 Stars each — These books were a part of my bully romance mood.. and they were pretty entertaining even if a little over the top but this books usually are like that so I don’t mind that much the eye rolling moments…

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  • Beauty In Darkness by Elizabeth Briggs — 2 Stars — This book looked good on paper but it was so boring… It’s all I have to say
  • The Kiss Thief by L. J. Shen — 3 Stars — I finally read this book and It was okay, i didn’t hate it but didn’t love it either … I think I dislike the main girl a little too much and that screw my enjoyment of the story….
  • Untouchable by Sam Mariano — 2.5 stars — This book needs a review soon… right after I settle all of my feelings about it… It has good flow, interesting characters and it’s an entertaining read to a point… but It’s Awful!!! — and coming from someone who enjoys dark romances and has  a high tolerance for all this kind of shenanigans it’s saying something… 

Mangas and Graphic Novels

Finally, I read one Manga (which I’m technically still in the middle of but it counts) this month — after a long break from them… and what a good story it is. I’m actually reading and watching the anime for this one and I highly recommend it if you enjoy fantasy in your animes or your mangas….


  • Tate no Yuusha No Nartiagari by  Aiya, Kyu (Art), Aneko, Yusagi(Story) — 4.5 Stars — This is such a fun story that regardless of the controversy around it has so much to offer… Not your typical protagonist and certainly not your typical story..

So, how about that guys, it was a lot of reading, am I right? I hope I don’t hit the slump after this because I have quite the ambitious TBR for June so stay tuned for that…. will I succeed or fail miserably.. How was your reading month, let me know in the comments if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them…

As Always

Happy Reading



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