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The Still not Glamorous Life of This Book Blogger — Meet my Furry Babies

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Hello there guys… I hope you are having the best Summer or Winter depending on where you are … It’s my Birthday today… and I thought what better way to celebrate my birth day than to talk to you guys more about me .. (so out of my comfort zone) But why not?… 

I have mentioned in the past (and it does says so in the title) that my everyday life isn’t the most adventurous or interesting .. I pretty much do what any other person out there does… eat, work, read, sleep… and that’s pretty much it… I’m not married and I don’t have any kids (of the human variety) But I do have what I called my furry babies…

If there’s something to know about me… other than my love of books and my awesome sense of humour — kidding it’s that I love Animals… especially Cats and Dogs … If I could I would have lots and lots… but sadly I can’t (no space or money). And yet I have been fortunate enough to always count with one or two furry companions through out my life — mostly dogs because my aunt was allergic to cats and she used to live with us….

As of now there are two cute little (not quite so little) companions in my household… (there used to be three for a while because my housemate is a veterinarian’s assistant and she likes to bring work home sort of speak) but now we are back to two …


Meet Shiru, she’s 5 years old and she was abandoned when she was less than 2 months old in the street — a quite common occurence — we decided to take her in and find her a home (that was the excuse because my friend and I knew she was staying here) … Now she’s as beautiful as you see her here — but let me tell you she has quite the temper when you don’t do what she wants…


And this cutie is Homero (Homer for those who don’t speak Spanish) He’s “temporarily” a part of the family because his owners had to travel suddenly and didn’t have anyone to take care of him ( I sincerely hope they don’t claim him back because I’m very attached to him) He loves to play, and is always laying on top of me… I’m a human size doggie bed…

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There are also a couple of cats that live on my street ( I guess the term for them is feral cats but over here we refered to them as community pets) Lots of people in the neighborhood feeds them and even take them to the vet… when they can… I’m always playing with them and I too feed them when I’m able… It’s so adorable when you are coming home from running errands or work… and you are welcomed by little meows and body rubs…. and then when you actually get home you are also welcomed by more meows and wagging tails…


So there you go guys… I’m the crazy Cat/Dog lady and if you want more cuteness from my furry babies make sure to follow me on Instagram … Hope you enjoyed this little fact about the person behind the screen, and let me know in the comments below.. Are you team kitty or team puppy??

As Always

Happy Reading



11 thoughts on “The Still not Glamorous Life of This Book Blogger — Meet my Furry Babies

  1. Happy birthday!!! OMG! Shiru looked just like my Cokie, which I named after cookies and cream lol. They literally have the same face hahaha! I also have a dog named Bruno.

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