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Raph’s Comic Book Ramblings (part 2) In a Game of Throneless World

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And once again my Blog has been Hijacked… Enjoy…

Ok, say what you want about the final season but the thing is I’m going to miss game of thrones! There is not a series quite like it on TV. Not with that level of production and storytelling and I’m afraid that there isn’t going to be one for a while. So, in order to endure this game of throneless world, I am looking for alternatives: I revisited Darksouls, I been reading a lot of fantasy books (a lot of MTG lore actually and Rebeca Kuang’s poppy war witch is amazing) and, of course, fantasy comics. But instead of writing about comics like Monstress (probably later, Chelle has been asking me to write about Monstress) or Saga (which is on hiatus right now after a big cliffhanger) I want to talk about Birthright by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan, a series that has been recommended for a while but right now is the proper time to dig in!

Birthright #1 cover by Andrei Bressan

A little content warning for the first issue: Aaron is playing catch with his son Mikey while his mother and big brother organize a surprise birthday party at home. Aaron throws the ball, maybe too far away, and Mikey goes for it to to the edges of the forest and just vanish. After that the family went down to pieces, the father is accused of murder, the mother asks for a divorce and the big brother has to deal with a broken family and bullies in school. A year passed and the police calls the family to the precinct. They have in the interrogation room a full grown beefy man with tattoos and an armor claiming to be their son! Also he is claiming that he came from a land called terrenos and he is the chosen one destined to kill the god king Lore a bring peace so… he could be just a crazy guy right? Well, that is the thing, the entire test; including DNA says that he is Mikey Rhodes. Now the family has to deal with the fact that his little kid is now Conan the barbarian!!!

Khal Drogo??? is that you???

But that is not the twist!!! In the end, when nobody is around, Mikey finds himself talking with this being, this thing, this “nevermind” that tells him things like “fallen hero” and that he has to do the god king Lore’s biding!!! IS MIKEY A VILLIAN!!!??? A SLEEPER CELL!!!??? If that doesn’t convince you to pick up this comic, let me tell you that this story is amazing!!! I just finished volume 4 and there is a lot of drama, action and plot twist that make me want to read more!!!  Williamson manages to tell like, three stories at the same time with elegance and fine pace. I wasn’t convinced by Andrei Bressan’s art at first, it was kind of ok until I saw an image of the father, Aaron, came to the realization that his son is alive when he sees himself in this growth up man that make me appreciate the art, especially in a double page spread!!! Also Adriano Lucas color palette elevates the quality of the art.

The father recognized his lost son 

Other comic books, like Saga and Monstress, even though they are really good, they fall into some tiresome fantasy tropes like empires at war or epic quest. Birthright in other hand is more human and character driven. This comic is about pain and grief (the main character suffers from PTSD), about failure and surrender but also is about family and hope, more like the first seasons of game of thrones. So, if you are trying like me to fill the gap of a really good fantasy series I recommend you to read this comic!!! You’ll not regret it!!


Thanks to Rafael for his contribution to my  blog and if you’re interested in reading more from him  you can check his work at where he writes about Chemistry (it’s all in Spanish so be warned in case you do not speak the language) or go pay a visit to where he has some articles about Video Games. As for his personal blog I’ll let you know all about it once is up and running…

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