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How to Cruise a Readathon like a Champ

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Since I went crazy last month with my Readathons — I got into 3 almost one after the other — And came out mostly unscathed (a sleepless night here and there) and with an awesome tally of 21 books read… I think that pretty much entitles me to give advice on how you can accomplish the same… (I’m the epitome of modesty aren’t I?)

Kidding aside I just wanted to share some tips and fun how to for those who want to read more when doing a readathon… or just want to give free rein to that competitive streak and go crazy reading all the books.. whatever works for you…

Chosing the perfect match


We need to take into consideration the time we have available to read and which readathon works best for us in terms of time and content — in other words do the exact opposite of me and not chose a readathon that is right smack in the middle of your busiest work week — Also We are certainly not chosing a readathon about a theme we have no interest in, becasue then we’ll be forcing ourselves and it won’t be pretty… 

Once we have chosen which fits our needs then we are halfway there…

TBR or no TBR


I know that 90% of readers called themselves mood readers (I’m included there) but even so it’s always a good idea to gather a few books and put together a TBR. Most readathons have prompts and there’s two ways we can work with our TBR.

  • One is just picking books we want to read and then try to fit them as best we can into the prompts — which can be tricky at times —
  • Two,We can just chose a few books that work well with the prompts to begin with (notice that I said a few books because I want to give the moody devil within us room to wiggle)

The Actual Reading Time


Hopefully all the starts aligned and we actually have the time to read uninterrupted that we had hoped for — but we all know that this pipe dream won’t be likely unless we managed to runaway from everyone to a reading retreat — wishful thinking — My advice here is just to choose the best time of day for you to read at least a few hours if it can be extended then that’s great.. if not at least you’ll try your best… 

In some instances audio books work wonders to get ahead here and there while doing chores or taking advantage of a little free time at work… So it’s a great idea to pair your physical books with their audio counterpart…

Stay hydrated and don’t forget your snacks… you don’t want to interrupt your reading just beacuse your thirsty as heck or because of those awful grumbling noises that are coming from the alien that lives in your stomach right? So, it’s best to be ready…

Don’t stress yourself out and just have fun

tenor (1)

It should come without saying but, if you are a little obsessive like me you might forget that this is supposed to be fun.. and freak out when you are not reading enough… if this happens just reach out to other readers that are participating and share your thoughts, comments, ask questions, just chat for a while and take your mind back from the dark hole it goes to into the fun times of just reading for fun…

Hope you guys find my experience and tips useful and that you put them to work with me On #TropeAthon … if you any other advice or tips to add feel free to put them in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading


3 thoughts on “How to Cruise a Readathon like a Champ

  1. I’ve never successfully completed a readathon, but since I’m considering taking part in one or two once I’m finished with classes for the summer this is a great post to keep in mind! My mood reading always gets the best of me, and I never manage to find a readathon with good prompts when I have the time to read!

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