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Mini Reviews – TropeAthon Reads (finally) – Laura Thalassa, Mariana Zapata, Jessie Mihalik and more


I’m sorry if this comes a little later than I had hoped but I’m the procrastinator queen when it comes to reviews — I seriously need to work on that… But as the saying goes better late than never, I’m here with my mini reviews for all 6 books read for #TropeAthon ( we’ll have a second round in October so stay tuned and follow @tropeathon on Twitter)

Okay, Now sit back and relax because even I said they were mini reviews it’s going to be a long one…

46830581Title: War

Author: Laura Thalassa



I only have one complain about this book, and I thought it best to get it out of the way before the gushing starts… It was a little on the slow side at times which made it seem longer than it is, and this is a long one, almost 500 pages) Okay, that was my one issue with it. The rest was amazing, for me at least… I really enjoy how Laura Thalassa shows us the nature of the Horsemen (both Pestilence and now War) their commitment to duty regardless of what it means to anyone else. They are here for a mission that it seems cruel to us (it should since their mission is killing us all.) and yet at times you can see the reasoning behind it — get the big picture and the why this is happening and that way you understand them better.

But War is not just a Killing machine there are more side to him, and it’s heartwarming seeing him trying to compromise with Miriam as much as his duty will allow even if he Knows it is futile in the end… He is sweet and protective of her, even when he knows she hates him with due reason. Seeing them come together and finally change each other for the better was a ride worth reading, and I say a ride because we can’t forget we are talking about War here… and even if Miriam is a brave survivor, the odds are against her when it comes to protect her fellow humans… Which makes it so much better when she succeeds.

13500758Title: Lingus

Author: Mariana Zapata



I love Mariana Zapata’s Slow burn style of romance, and we have that here thrown along with the most fun and sweet friendship… I love Tristan and Kate Together. Even in the most frustrating parts, when you are yelling at your book (“make a move already!!”) And, I found it quite interesting that the setting was kind of the adult industry — it comes to show how judgemental we can be without knowing anything about a person and even if that person is called a friend…

What rubbed me wrong for some reason was the raw humour this book has — I enjoyed certain parts of it but others felt forced and too much — I literally felt like I was watching an American Pie movie which gets that exact same reaction from me… Laugh at times and cringe at others… It wasn’t my favorite by her, but I still enjoyed it.

32758410._SY475_Title: Born Darkly

Author: Trisha Wolffe



If you are a fan of Saw, you are going to love this book (And since I love my mind f..ked books I did) It’s like the love story of Jigsaw (no kidding) It’s twisted and even hard to explain — it’s going to leave you wondering what the heck am I reading?? But you won’t want to put it down because there has to be a reason for the madness… And that is what this book is about madness, intertwined with heat and misunderstood redemption. My advice is going at it blind and just hang on for dear life…

descargaTitle: Mr President

Author: Katy Evans



This is the perfect forbidden romance with a political twist and off the charts chemistry… I love the political aspect of it, the campaign, the cost of living for the public eye since birth… I adored the push and pull between the characters you could feel through the pages how inevitable they were no matter how much they fought it… It was actually a much better read than I had anticipated.

51AEvd857eLTitle: The Queen’s Gambit

Author: Jessie Mihalik



I truly liked this book. There’s action, intrigue, and political shenanigans in space, the characters are interesting and their banter is great when it came to their budding romance, but I didn’t know it would be so short going in… it’s like a novella but it felt even shorter so everything gets more or less resolve but not… Which annoyed me a little but I’m still continuing with the series.

38396994._SY475_Title: Dirty Headlines

Author: L. J. Shen



L. J. Shen is a hit or miss author for me but I’ll giver that she does know how to write asshole characters that you want to slap as much as kiss… However, this book I’m happy to say was on the hit side… I love the tension, the chemistry, the intensity between the main couple as the relationship progreses.

So as you see guys, it was a pretty good readathon in terms of book quality regardless of a few mishaps here and there… Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts about them??

As Always

Happy Reading



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