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September 2019 the No T.B.R. Month

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Hey bookish friends, this is probably going to be the shortest and most rambling TBR post ever… So please bear with me… August was the month of the reading slump, I did read some books but not as much as I hope being my Holiday month and all.

However that’s not even the issue, I’m used to get into at least one reading slump a year so, it wasn’t unexpected and I had read like crazy the previous months so I guess it all caught up to me… The truth is I was in the weirdest reading mood… I just picked up random things here and there (some good and some not quite so) but everything I chose wasn’t on my TBR.. I didn’t even want to touch the books there…

That’s why I’m taking my time off TBRing (I’m making up words now.) I want to freely acknowledge the moody reader that I am. (Even if I try to accommodate her on my TBRs as best I can the poor thing feels trapped — so I’m letting her choose whatever strikes her fancy — and now I’m talking like I have another personality — crazy land!!)


I still have a few challenges to complete, and I have chosen the books for some of them like #Romanceopoly and will be posting that list soon but I’m not sure if I’ll get to them this month or the next…

I guess my wrap up will be interesting, I do have a few books that are coming out this month that I would like to get to but I’m not even mentioning them because I don’t know if I’ll actually read them.. like I said I’m giving free reign to my crazy moody self… for a month at least..

What are you guys planning on reading this September? Do You have a TBR or are you just going with the flow like me? I want to know all about it..

As Always

Happy Reading




11 thoughts on “September 2019 the No T.B.R. Month

  1. I’m the same….this year has been the worst for slumps for me…and I have no idea why. I’m not signing up for anymore arcs this year and just reading off my tbr but I’ll pick whatever I’m in the mood for then……

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